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Busy Friday...

It's always interesting to try and blog from my iPad. Frankly, it's not as easy as a computer. But I'm lying down at the moment -- and the iPad is handy -- so it is what it is...

The VOIP phones (Shoretel) at work at finally displaying the correct date and time again. Part of the solution was due to me, and I'm very proud of that effort. But overall it was a team thing, which I'm happy to acknowledge.

Weird issues going on at Facebook today. Annoying!

LiveJournal deleted a couple of my communities -- entirely my own fault. (sigh) But I'm bugged, even so...

I'm dealing with ANTS right now, speaking of annoying! What a pain!!! It's waaaaaay too early for that, but that's the down side of a mild winter...

I've downloaded PILES of free Kindle books lately, mostly via Pixel of Ink -- which I highly recommend, by the way...

Speaking of books, I'm going to read now!

Tags: 2012, ants, books, facebook, february-2012, ipad, it-manager, it-related, kindle, phone-server, shoretel

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