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WHERE Has Charlie Been? She's BACK!

Okay, I've been M.I.A. (missing in action) for most of this past month. (sigh) Sorry about that!

The good news is that I'm DETERMINED to get back to blogging again! So hopefully I'll manage to start doing just that. If not during the end of February, then my goal is to post every day in March -- just like the 'good old days' when I blogged daily!

Some of you know the reason why (seeing my long-ago Friends-filtered posts). Others may not, but I'll make it all clear shortly. Marilyn and I didn't want to 'go public' with this news until we were certain it was happening...

Anyway, aside from a lot going on in our personal lives (!!!), there's been plenty keeping me busy at work, too. Happily, I'm finally able to Remote to my own computer at the office for the FIRST TIME in three months (!!!). There aren't WORDS for how happy I am! Seriously.

Many of the other issues -- of which there have been slews and slews -- are also being resolved, at long last. But there are others still in the works...

Just today I've been working on our issue with our VOIP phone system, which is currently displaying the wrong date and time. (big sigh)

Here's the cool part! I was able to get in Remotely to the Server. There I was able to get into the DHCP area and add options. I'm pretty pleased I got all of that done with no help. Frankly, things are quite different in SBS 2011, compared to SBS 2003!

A total aside: Colin Kitty is sitting ON MY LAP while I type this (and work). He wouldn't take 'no' for an answer, so even though it's not convenient at all, that's where he is! He's purring up a storm, so he's pretty hard to resist...

Well, the phone 'fix' isn't working, yet. I may have the wrong IP address listed. Or it could be something else, I suppose. But it's driving everyone at work NUTS, to say the least. I might have an easier time with this when I'm actually physically there on site, but we'll see. I'm planning to go in tomorrow to the office...

I just went out to stick the oil. We're down to 80 gallons -- not good! Happily, it should get warmer soon (I hope), so we won't be using the furnace much longer. The cost for 100 gallons now is $404 (!!!). Are you KIDDING me? I was originally going to get 200 gallons, but the cost was $767 -- and let's just say that's not happening. Wow. Can it really be that expensive? I'm frankly stunned. Anyway, they're delivering either tomorrow or Monday... (Hopefully tomorrow, but whatever. They'll do it when they do it.)

I guess it's partly my fault for not checking it earlier in the day, though. I didn't think of it until now, unfortunately. I had my head on other things (mostly work related). (sigh)

Well, I'd better get back to other things. So much to do!

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