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Quiet Sunday...

Marilyn and I took it easy today, after a very busy and stressful (if exciting) week. We really needed the 'down' time, I'm telling you.

I'm feeling a tiny bit under the weather. I can't describe it, really. I've been having weird dizziness, and I've been hot (feverish) -- but it's really odd heat. I'll feel a sudden flush of heat like I'm burning up.

I was soaked in the night from sweating and had to change my tee. I have no idea what it's about...

Anyway, I've rested, read and watched TV today. I did eat after taking an anti-nausea pill. I suppose I could be fighting a bug, but I don't seem sick aside from what I described...

We have a BUSY day slated for tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be over this (whatever it is) by morning!

We did see the new episode of "The Walking Dead" and a bunch of The Grammy Awards. And I've played some games on my iPad, along with reading.

I finished reading the book -- in paperback -- "Relentless" (by Dean Koontz). I enjoyed it so much that I bought it for Kindle, believe it or not! Brenda (from work) loaned the book to me. So as you can see, I do still read books that aren't on my Kindle.

And, yeah, I do read some of these books using the Kindle App in my iPad...

Sister Sue is at her cribbage tournament in Reno this weekend. I hope she's having a blast! I don't know when she was supposed to get back (today? tomorrow?), but she left last Thursday...

Thursday night is our Board meeting, so Marilyn is going to be VERY BUSY getting ready for it (!!!) this week. They've been working on the IT Room construction last week, and are supposed to finish up this week. So far, so good...

I guess that's it for now. I do plan to get back to regular blogging, but it's been difficult recently. More about that soon...

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