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Random Entry -- Daniel Baldwin...

This will be a very quick, random entry... Things are very busy and crazy and exciting and stressful. I'll get back to normal blogging sometime this week (or next). No apologies, it just is what it is.

Anyway, I did want to mention that the actor Daniel Baldwin (one of the Baldwin brothers) Friended me at Facebook today.

When I saw his name, I said to Marilyn, 'This isn't THE Daniel Baldwin.'

Then she took my iPad to look and said, 'Yes, it is Daniel Baldwin.'

And when I looked, she was right. And I was surprised. I mean, SERIOUSLY? Daniel Baldwin Friended ME???

That's interesting, to say the least!

I'm not suggesting I'm anything special, by the way. For all I know he Friends people all the time -- and does so randomly. We supposedly have 72 friends in common (really???), so I'm guessing I was a 'suggestion' he decided to Friend. Anyway...

Well, I'm dead beat and off to bed. We've got a hugely busy week in front of us and need all the rest we can get...

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