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Another Busy Sunday...

No, Marilyn and I did NOT go get our manicures, even though we discussed it. We were just too worn out from our morning and afternoon activities to go. We considered it over and over again, but after this brutal and exhausting week -- plus everything we did both yesterday and today -- we just couldn't face it...

We were up early again today (especially for a Sunday). Then off shopping at IKEA. Can I just mention how EXHAUSTING it is to shop at IKEA? For those of you who have shopped there, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean! First, the place is HUGE. Then you get a bag and drag it all around the top floor. As you add things, it gets heavier and heavier (I was dragging it along the floor by the end). Then you go downstairs and get carts and fill those and shove them around. Seriously, by the time you're loading up your car, you're barely able to move you're so tired!

After IKEA we went to HomeGoods for the first time ever (it's right near IKEA).

Anyway, we got home too tired to fix lunch, so we ate snacks and called it good until I fixed a late dinner... But we did have breakfast at IKEA!

Sister Sue WON the Sunnyside cribbage tournament this weekend -- it's the second time she's done that! How cool is that?

I just took a few moments to put my challenges back up at Hubbub, which I needed to do. (Only one was still running.) I was down to only two challenges that I had joined, so I need to join a bunch and get active again. I haven't had much time to spend on it recently, so I'll see what I can do this coming week...

Oh! I actually got to speak to friend Shari today! I hadn't heard from her in ages (I guess because I missed her calls while I was at work and so on). She was in good spirits and we had a nice talk.

I also spoke briefly with neighbor June yesterday, who phoned while we were away running errands...

In the luxury department, I got a faux fur throw (mini-rug) to put in front of my computer here in my Home office. I've wanted one for YEARS, so I finally got it this morning at IKEA. No, I didn't really need it, it's quite decadent, though -- and I love it! I'm resting my bare feet on it right now and it's so warm and comfy...

Well, that's it for today. I'm dead tired and want to read and sleep...

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