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Organization? Essential.

I feel strongly about getting organized. And I've been applying it to my life daily for ages now...

Today, though, I tackled a BIG one -- our Home office.

Since getting the 'new' towers ages ago, Marilyn and I have had these up in the air and in the way. We didn't put them in the 'slot' on our desks designed for them because we still had the old towers there. (Don't ask. We were going to have all four at first, but when we could never get networked it just didn't make sense anymore. Water under the bridge.)

Of course, in all offices it's rarely a simple thing to move a tower from one spot to another. Don't get me started about this task at the festival office, please! And it was FAR from easy today here at home, either. Anything but, actually...

I won't bother to describe the MESS that was our office for much of the day. I even had to lock the cats downstairs to get them away from it. (I don't do that very often.) The back of our desks is heavy cardboard -- and one could wish it was either not there at all, or that it wasn't so thick! It's really not necessary, as these desks have their backs against a wall, so it's not like they show.

So the first job was to move the TONS of stuff all around our dual monitors, on the desktops and on and around both towers. As this is our Home office, we've got cute and sentimental stuff everywhere -- why not? Something to glance at while working away. Plus there's a ton of equipment that had to move temporarily, as well.

That done, I had to find a way to CUT through the cardboard. The area for the tower was high enough, but not quite deep enough -- so the towers needed to stick out the back a tiny bit. Plus they have a million cords and stuff back there that need to stick through, so... Cutting it was not at all easy, but I managed somehow. Better tools would have been a huge help, but oh well.

Anyway, the details are boring, so I'll drop that. The final result is quite an improvement, with both towers stored out of sight. There's a bit more space, too, though not as much as I might have expected. We still have to have places for the stuff that was on top of the towers, for example, so...

It's another jump in the direction of opening up our office to make it more pleasant in here. It goes nicely with the huge rearrangement I did weeks back.

Don't get me wrong: Our Home office isn't pretty by a long shot. It's functional, though. And if I keep getting rid of stuff (which remains my goal), it can look better over time.

Well, I've done quite a bit besides the office work -- and I need to go do more on the garbage and recycling (it's that day, after all). So I'm off!

Marilyn and I keep putting off shopping at Walmart and Freddies, but we really need to go. I think we'll have to go tonight, come hell or high water... We need a ton of stuff. (sigh) There's other shopping we want to be doing, instead -- and we have been doing some of that. More about this later on!

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