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My life is focused around my two sisters. I live and work with Marilyn (as most everyone knows) -- and see and talk to Sue several times every week. We three are close.

Mom and Dad always wanted us to be and remain close, but in all honesty there was a point when Marilyn and I weren't that close to Sue. Happily, that hasn't been true for years now. I think our folks are probably smiling down from heaven to see the three of us these days.

We 'watched' the Australian Open Men's Final last night over the phone. Marilyn and I used to do a lot of TV watching with our Dad via the phone. It was great fun. I think Dad would be glad we've carried on that tradition with Sue for lots of different things. Major tennis tournaments is one of those things...

I seriously can't imagine not living with Marilyn, by the way. We've lived together our entire life and have only spent a few weeks apart here and there over the years. No lie.

I've actually worked with both of my sisters at different times over the years, and that is just fine with me, too. Both Marilyn and Sue have been my bosses, by the way. And guess what? It's not that different than having anyone else as a boss... Really.

There's so much more I could say about these two amazing women who fill my life, but I think I manage to mention them enough day-to-day that I probably don't need to. I'm especially blessed, and I have my parents to thanks. (smile)

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