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Garbage Night...

This is GARBAGE week, as opposed a week where the garbage gets piled in the can but doesn't go out to the curb.

So how is it working out?

It's winter and cold, but the SMELL of both the garbage can and compost roll cart is FRIGHTENING. I can only imagine how bad the smell will be come warm -- and later hot -- months. (sigh) I see no way to manage this. I'm already bagging and double-bagging stuff in the garbage to try and keep down the smell. By the way, how does that help the whole 'no plastic bags' thing, when the only way to even try and do something about odors is to bag in plastic? Admittedly, I'm having to buy plastic bags now, rather than use free ones... But I need them even more than ever!

There's no way that we'll be able to keep the garbage can in the garage when things warm up. The smell will take over both garage and house if we're not careful.

What a mess. (big sigh)

Anyway, everything did fit in the new 'big' garbage can, happily. Every week I sweat whether or no I'll need to put out an extra bag, which I've only done once so far. The cost is awful, and we're really trying to watch our expenses right now...

Today was busy, so I didn't get my hair colored... again. I wish I had! Oh well. I'm, not going to let it get me down. I did accomplish a lot of stuff, anyway.

Marilyn is snoozing on the sofa, and Colin is dead asleep on TOP of her (!!!). Henry is in his cat bed and I'm soon for a nap, too. We haven't been getting enough zzzzzzzzzs lately, so...

On the unhappy side, a very dear friend may have just lost her job. I don't know all the details, but I feel awful for her. She's the breadwinner for her family, so this is serious stuff. And she's a lovely and special person. I hate this for her...

Shari saw the Group Home she's supposed to go to when she gets out of medical rehab. You may recall she had several small strokes and took a fall -- and was lying on the floor for days before she was found. She ended up in the hospital and then in rehab (to recover from the wounds, etc., that happened in her fall). Now she'll be moved to a Group Home where someone will be around to keep an eye on her.

Shari seems to think she'll 'go home' to her own house eventually, but I don't see how that can happen. She's really not able to live on her own anymore...

I didn't talk to June today, so I don't know how Jim is doing...

I'm keeping all of these people in my special prayers -- and I've been spending a lot of time praying the last few days.

Well, this is short, but I'm too tired to type more. I hope all is well with everyone! God bless...

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