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Busy and EXHAUSTING Day -- With Loads of Progress! (woo hoo)

I was going to color my hair today. Needless to say, that took a major back seat to other tasks... Hopefully I'll get to it soon, as it really needs doing. I suppose I still could to it tonight (???), but I don't think I feel up to facing it. I'm bushed.

I spent the morning on work-related stuff and organizing my office and world (including email). I tried repeatedly to follow Kris' instructions for using Remote Desktop, but either I'm an idiot, or it's simply not working. Things have apparently changed drastically since the old version of SBS 2003 (we now have SBS 2011).

I had 'lunch' with sister Sue. Mainly she was kind enough to take me to Freddies to get batteries for my meter. It was 'dead' this morning, so I couldn't do my blood count. (First time since I've had it, by the way.)

I got a few other things, then got one of the deli soups to eat. I ate part there, and brought the rest home and slowly finished it over a couple of hours. (Talk about making a meal go slowly...) It was a 'veggie medley' and very tasty. I'm being pretty good about eating soup each day, actually. Yesterday was the first day I missed since the 'Eat Your Soup!' challenge (at Hubbub) started, which means today makes five times I've had soup in the past week...

Sue had fun this weekend at cribbage, but didn't play that well -- or feel that well. She's short of breath all the time, which is so hard on her...

This afternoon I cleaned up in the kitchen (did a load of dishes, took out old bread for the birds and cleaned the sinks) before getting ready to tackle my 'big' task for the day.

What task, you may ask? Well, it's about time! I had all the Christmas decorations DOWN -- and the non-tree decos packed carefully and neatly away (even more than in past years). But I just took the tree decorations off and stuck 'em in some boxes, still needing the careful packing they deserve. Anyway, they got that today.

Don't ask me WHY that process took four and a half hours (!!!), but it did. I'm just glad to have it all done now -- and ready for next year!

I actually took a break to start writing this blog entry, so I hadn't put all the boxes back where they go. (sigh) They're are a TON, they're heavy and I'm worn out. So catching my breath was a good idea. Now I've been back and finished up, happily.

Don't ask how many hours go into putting up and taking down holiday decorations. I suppose many people would say 'too many,' but I love having them up, so it's worth it to me...

And as tiring as today was, I was in good spirits the whole time! I prayed out loud and sang and had the cats keeping me company and 'helping' me out. So it wasn't unpleasant at all. Yes, I'm tired, but again, it's cool. I think some days we're meant to get really tired with the tasks we face...

Oh! I did some laundry, too. Not much, but it's always good to get some done...

Of course, it's now past 8:00 and Marilyn isn't home from work yet (!!!). I worry about her long (long) hours -- and long (long) weeks. But there's nothing I can seem to do to help her. She has a good assistant at work now, happily. But it doesn't seem to really take much of the load off her...

Well, I need to start thinking about dinner now. The last thing I want to do, needless to say. I'm sure many of you have those nights where you wish dinner could be magically ready. (grin) Well, it's not like I do all that much cooking, so I really can't complain. Plus anyone who has enough to eat at all times should be grateful -- and believe me, I am. Still, trying to reason out what to have and then get it ready? Oh well...

I need to set up more dental appointments. I suspect those will start to fall by the way side soon, regardless of my good intentions. I still need to go to the eye doctor, too. I don't want to run out of contacts because I let it slide so long! (My bad. Very.)

Maybe I'll twist my own arm and color my hair tonight. What the heck! If Marilyn can constantly put in these horribly long days -- then stay up so late watching Australian Open tennis (and I mean almost all night long) -- then I should be able to do more, too. What the hell...

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