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Snow in Portland? Yep.

First off, much of yesterday had NO snow where Marilyn and I were, for the record. We had none at work or home.

Speaking of work (sigh), it was another CRAZY day for me, with much to do. Again, not that I'm comparing my day to Marilyn's -- nobody wants to even try facing what she does. No, I kid you not!!!

I did go out in the FRIGHTFUL weather several times during the day yesterday. I walked out for coffee to Starbucks and later went to get a bottle of soda with Rich. Happily, he brought a huge umbrella and I stayed dry with him. Not so later on, when Marilyn and I had to drag heavy cases of wine to the Art Museum. It was POURING down rain and COLD as can be!!! I was soaked to the skin -- plus stepped in an icy puddle and got one foot drenched, as well. My sock was soaked until I finally got home and could change it...

The snow came later on -- after we were both happily home. Marilyn dropped me off before going to attend two events (poor thing). Her final event cancelled -- but nobody bothered to inform her (!!!). Nice. The good news was that she got home earlier than expected. That's when we had the chili I discussed in my short entry yesterday. (smile)

IT is still a huge headache at work, in spite of my personal efforts. I did solve a few minor things, though. And MARILYN saved the day with Jeff yesterday morning, as all he needed to do was turn on his second monitor (my bad for not catching that)...

Today I got Rosanna set up with the accountspayable email, which I tried to do (unsuccessfully) yesterday. And Christie's email is messed up, too, but I did the same thing for her -- in her case it's a temporary fix.

Marilyn sent off another large list to Kris for him to address -- hopefully soon! Donn is the fair-haired child, having done the necessary work for us all to have Symantec anti-virus on our computers. (woo hoo) You go, Donn!!!

Here are a couple of shots of snow from last night. (Remember you can CLICK THEM to see the larger photo -- LiveJournal allowing, of course!) It was quite thick here at one point. But could it stay long enough for work to close today? Oh hell no! Annoying...

Snow on tree...
Snow on tree... It got thicker than this, but this gives you an idea, anyway. This was wet and heavy 'snowman' snow. (yikes)
Heavy snow falling...
Heavy snow falling... It looks like 'rain' falling, but that's how it photographed. It's actually very heavy snow coming down in the middle of the night.

This morning we had nasty, nasty (and ugly) SLUSH everywhere -- with a lot of snow still around. But it was gone by mid-day. We're also getting high winds today -- another pain.

I spent my day with a lot of organizing here in my home office. And organizing email, as always (a constant chore). Yesterday I was finally able to get into email at work, which was a break. I had close to 2,500 items in my Inbox at being down several weeks. I kid you not when I say I get hundreds of emails a day...

I talked to friend Shari again today. She's hanging in there, if missing her poor cat...

And I'm still praying for Sue's dad -- and for Sue and Dennis, too. I haven't heard an update, but I'm hoping for the best. He's supposed to ride in the parade with her this year during the festival, so he needs to pull through. (Saying a prayer as I type this.)

And that's my day, so far...
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