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Prayer -- Specifically Meditative Prayer

Marilyn asked me to pray for Sue's dad (Sue is our festival board President -- and a good friend). I decided to try some meditative prayer, which is considerably more difficult for me than other forms of prayer...

I struggled for the first 15 minutes, I must admit. Focus can be really tough. I think I have a pretty disciplined mind when it comes to prayer, though I can still find myself losing focus during my daily prayers. I guess there are times when the mind just is so full that it's hard to keep it where it needs to be. I had to break away today and go for a 'tool' to help me get started again on the meditative prayer process.

I found a photo of Sue's dad and emailed it to myself so I could have it on my iPad. Then I cropped out everyone else and just kept looking at him and repeating my prayer intentions, over and over. This worked almost immediately, and I didn't lose focus again at all. Interesting how the visual element helped so much, as I often pray with my eyes closed...

At one point today Marilyn and I were afraid Sue was about to tell us that her father had passed, but happily that wasn't the case. He's doing 'okay' right now, from what she said. So I'll keep praying and hoping for the best. Not that I'm necessarily praying for him to live, mind you. God's will be done -- and he knows what is best for everyone. But I have been including healing prayers, I admit. I have some wonderful healing prayers that I've read over and over again...

I have a great book on meditative prayer that I can't find. It got moved during our flooding last June/July, and now I don't know where it's gone. I do know I still have it somewhere, so I need to locate it. It's very deep and a hard read, but I know it could help me right now as I give this a strong try...

Prayer is such a wonderful thing. And, yes, it can be like exercise sometimes. It requires practice and repetition. I try to pray often. I do pray daily, but sometimes I don't pray as regularly as I'd like. I know the prayer hours, which are literally set three hours apart for every part of the day and night -- so they're probably only practical for people who spend their life in prayer. I'm not likely to ever become a contemplative, but I admire those who are...

Prayer centers me, personally. So I always do better with whatever I'm doing when I'm actively praying. I actually wish I used it more often than I do. I get angry when I shouldn't, I get impatient, I get cranky, I'm unkind or thoughtless. I'm not trying to be perfect, but I'm always trying to be a better me.

Well, Shari phoned at 5:00 a.m. (!!!) this morning. I slept through it, but it was disturbing to Marilyn. I don't mind Shari calling frequently during the day as she's been doing lately, but I wish she wouldn't call us so early... (sigh) I did talk to her twice today, anyway. She seems to be doing okay.

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