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Hubbub Update...

I still have a sore throat, but I'll live. (grin)

Henry is like me: He doesn't feel that well, and he knows SLEEPING will make him better. So he spends much of the day doing exactly that. He has a hard time in the winter months. But he's hanging in there. (Me, too...)

I want to learn WordPress. Not just the basics of using it, but how to take a template and totally customize it. We'd like to use it for the festival website, but I need to know a TON more about it... (sigh)

I only got up to take my meds, so back to bed now! The rest of our family (Marilyn and the two cats) is sleeping away -- and I'll soon join them. (smile)

Tags: 2012, cats, colin-and-henry, january-2012, marilyn, sick, sleeping, wordpress,  

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