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Friday With Vertigo -- Not ATotal Loss...

Today I actually did stay home and take my vertigo medicine and SLEEP much of the day. It was a GOOD (and necessary) thing.

Which does NOT mean I didn't still do some other things, as well, because I did, actually.

For one thing, I was on the internet via my iPad most of the day (when not asleep). In fact, I'm doing this entry via my iPad while lying down in bed. How about that??? I have to admit I've become pretty addicted to it. It's such an easy way to go online.

Marilyn has been talking about how rarely she uses her laptop now, though I really can't say the same. I still use my desktop and laptop computers all the time. But the iPad is convenient beyond words -- much easier than hauling a laptop along places, for sure!

On the festival work side, I did answer emails and deal with some projects. And had a lengthy phone conversation with Donn. IT is still a mess -- I hope it's better next week... (sigh)

I talked to sister Sue at one point. She wasn't feeling well (and missed cribbage last night). And I talked to friend Shari several times (four? Five?) today, too.

On the home front, I did a load of dishes and scrubbed out the kitchen sink, which really needed it.

Later, I took down the family room Christmas tree -- very carefully and slowly. When I boxed it up, I used a new method, which included two boxes, in place of one -- and worked out GREAT!!! Now all Marilyn and I will need to do this weekend is pack away all the ornaments -- and get all the boxes back where they belong. About time!

I am feeling some better, if not quite 100%, yet. I'll have another nap when I finish this up... That's what really helps, I think. Right now Colin Kitty is beside me on the bed -- and Henry is close by in cat bed...

I'm sipping the last of a Coke Slurpee -- I really love 'em! We had to dash down to the office because Marilyn forgot her iPad at work (when she finally got home at 7:00 p.m. After a day with NO breaks). so we stopped and got Slurpees while we were out...

I guess that's it for today. We're supposed to get snow (!!!) this weekend -- I hope not.

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