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Happy, Happy -- If Not Better...

So, I got a lot done today, unexpectedly.

Many (many) calls about IT, but we made some headway, anyway. Still no Remote Desktop access, but hopefully we'll get there soon (!!!). I talked to both Donn and Kris more than once, and it seems as if the anti-virus situation may be resolved, anyway. (sigh)

I was near tears when I posted here earlier -- feeling like a really bad person. I wish I felt healthier, as it's hard when I'm feeling so crappy...

Well, I got our garbage, recycling and (ugh) composting done -- and though I'd been afraid I wouldn't get all the garbage in the can (!!!), it did fit! (woo hoo) And I did it before dark, happily, as it's VERY COLD today (!!!).

I finally had a nap at around 4:30, which I really needed. Normally I take my vertigo medicine and stay IN BED all day long, but that just didn't work today.

I was supposed to work tomorrow, but I don't think that's happening. I guess we'll see...

Marilyn didn't get home until 7:00 (surprise). She did take a ten minute break today, though (!!!), which is big for her -- and got both coffee and food.

We had yummy leftovers for dinner -- so no cooking, just heating up (woo hoo)! It works for me today, as lousy as I've felt...

Now I'm ready to sleep again. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Tags: 2012, cold, donn, festival, food, garbage-and-recycling, it-manager, it-related, january-2012, kris, marilyn, nap, office, remote-desktop, sleep, vertigo, weather, work

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