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Busy Work Day -- and Vertigo

Busy day (very!!!) at work. (sigh)

It would have been easier, but I just didn't feel well. I was having a full blown incident of vertigo today, which I haven't had for ages. Very annoying to try and concentrate and work when you feel as lousy as I did...

Happily sister Sue took me in to the office this morning. Last night Ashely phoned and offered to pick me up, but Sue and I already confirmed at that point. Besides, it gives Sue and me the chance to chat. (grin)

Marilyn had to be at Fox 12 for the announcement of our new 'official TV station' for the festival, which went really well! Exciting. They have a cool banner at their website that links back to our website. Which is why I needed to work on the new 2012 banner yesterday, in preparation for this launch. Cool...

Donn and Denise were in today. I had to have a meeting with them to discuss a recent mistake and the whole 'pecking order' in regards to how we do things. They were wonderful about it. I respect anyone who can say the following two phrases:
"I was wrong."
"I'm sorry."

I mean, we all make mistakes -- but owning up to them is important. And saying we're sorry is important, too!

People were so nice to me today, considering I was cranky and really feeling crummy...

I had a long talk with Rosanna first thing this morning.

Kris came in around 2:45 and we had a meeting that included Marilyn (for a few minutes), Donn, Denise, Kris and me -- then the four of us when Marilyn went into her meeting with Jeff (and via phone with his coach). I had a lot of trouble concentrating, but oh well. I did the best I could.

We started to resolve a lot of the various IT issues that are lingering after the recent change to the new Server. I think this will be on-going for a time...

After we finally got home I went down immediately for a nap -- no reading or anything (even prayers). I was asleep almost immediately. But did get up in time to see "Revenge," which Marilyn and I love.

They're talking about possible SNOW this weekend. No way! Or more heavy fog, which I could do without, as well, thanks.

And that's my day!

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