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Home Today -- Sore Throat and Feeling Crummy...

I don't feel that great today, I'm afraid. I have a sore throat and headache and just feel crummy. Not horrible, mind you. But certainly under the weather. (sigh)

But I spent quite a long time working on the Home page banner for 2012 for the festival website today -- and with help from Marilyn managed to get something nice and have it go Live. We're doing a major push to our website tomorrow, so this was really important!

That means I didn't go to work today, so Brenda will get her computer training tomorrow. (I need to get myself mentally and emotionally prepared for that tonight. Prayer usually helps, by the way...)

Donn is coming in tomorrow and will have my 'fixed' Dell mini-tower that died last week. Thank God! It's impossible for me to work without a computer, after all.

Sister Sue is saving my life and giving me a ride to work in the morning, as Marilyn has a meeting nowhere near there that she has to attend. I'll start right in with Brenda and Donn, then try to focus on all the other work I have for tomorrow.

Marilyn mentioned that Rosanna wants to meet with me, but I doubt I'll have TIME for it tomorrow! I've got so much on my slate that it's going to be miracle if I get everything else done, as it is...

Marilyn and I are supposed to meet jointly with Kris, as well -- though I have no idea WHEN that's supposed to happen. She's busy until 11:00 away from the office, and we need to leave by 4:00 for my dental appointment (yes, another one -- I need to actually set up a bunch in advance, as I have so much work that needs to get done).

I did phone in Henry's medicine today -- now we need to pick it up. It's 90 days worth at a cost of $66.90 (yikes) -- but it's seriously what keeps him alive right now. He has good and bad days, but is hanging in there.

Haven't heard from Shari in a few days and have been too busy to phone her. I doubt I'll have time tomorrow, either. But I keep her in my prayers all the time (several times a day, in other words). Hopefully she's hanging in there, too. She's in a nice place getting really good care, so she's actually way better off than when she was at home.

I made acorn squash for dinner. I made a special stuffing that was herb dressing with TONS of white chicken meat (diced really small), and cranberries. This was topped with yellow squash and sun-dried tomato. Very tasty, and healthy, too!

As usual, I've ALWAYS been reading. A day doesn't go by that I don't read...

I still love and prefer reading on my Kindle -- but I do read quite a bit on my iPad, too (using the Kindle App). And I also continue to read paperbacks and hardbacks -- because not everything is available for Kindle! Plus I own an awful lot of books. (smile)

I guess that's it for today! I'm off for a read and a (much-needed) nap.

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