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Another Busy Day (So Far)...

Marilyn is now off to her hair appointment. I should be washing my own hair, but I guess I'll get to it a bit later on. (smile)

We started our day in the festival office, though. We both had piles to do.

I have a new person starting on Monday, which means I needed to get her user Profile set up and phone set up -- and ideally I wanted to set up her computer the way I do all the work computers.

Happily I did manage to get her a Profile -- sans email. I could not get Outlook to cooperate with me. (sigh)

I also got her phone set up! (woo hoo)

But I could barely get her computer to load her profile (why???) -- and had no internet connection for whatever reason. My usual fixes for all this were NOT working.

Kris had told Marilyn yesterday that he would 'beat us' in today, but he still wasn't there when we finally needed to leave. My work computer being DEAD, it's next to impossible for me to get anything done there right now! I need to be here in my home office, using my home computer to work. (sigh)

Ashley contacted us to let us know that Kris got to the office at 2:30. Gee, I wonder how he believed he would 'beat us' in, when he knew we were planning to be there in the morning? I can never figure out the TIME thing with Kris. In all the time we've been working together he's almost NEVER been there when he said he would. Because I have a big thing about lying (and this smacks of lying to me), this makes me nuts. Totally aside from the fact that I feel being late shows enormous disrespect for others (as if their time isn't as important as your own time is)...

Well, it's a moot point. I wanted to chat with him, but it didn't happen. I wanted to try and get some of my own work done, and was only able to do a small portion of it.

Happily, I have TONS of website stuff I can work on -- and deadlines I need to meet (weekend or no). So I'm on to other projects now. I don't know what I'll do for Brenda (the new person) on Tuesday if I can't even get her seeing our Network/server, online or able to use Outlook. But I guess I'll worry about that then!

Marilyn and I are taking Monday off for personal business, so Ashley has promised she will have plenty of other things Brenda can do Monday that won't require a computer. And I gave her a different login she can use to have Brenda spend time studying the website -- always a good use of time for Newbies! (grin)

We did come home and have a bite to eat (leftovers). And I just did a few minutes of interaction at Hubbub. Now I'm thinking about a quick NAP before going back to work.

Marilyn and I really want to take all of Sunday off (!!!), and at least half of Monday (which has to happen). So I do need to do this work either today or Monday. Deadlines are deadlines, after all! (And some of us must keep our schedules, no matter what...)

Donn was headed in to pick up my dead computer and see if he could fix it for me -- and that's the good news! He's been such a lifesaver recently. How I love that man!

On that note, I'm off for a nap with Henry. He's not feeling great recently, but he hangs in. The cat is a trooper, no doubt about it!


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