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Work at the Office Today...

I can't believe how today went -- very frustrating.

Poor Marilyn! I guess I was so out of it this morning (tired from yesterday) that I didn't hear her tell me to go back to sleep -- she'd come and get me later. She had a large group of Japanese students here visiting that she'd arranged to be greeted at City Hall. I was suppose to go along and take photos, but that didn't happen...

Anyway, I did sleep in a bit, then got up and got ready for her to come and get me. We were supposed to have two joint meetings in the afternoon.

Of course, Kris blew us off for his meeting, which was supposed to be at 4:00. (sigh)

The list of IT issues that Marilyn gave him on Tuesday is HUGE. The largest one I can recall since becoming the IT Manager back in 2007. Not a good thing, needless to say. We have a lot of serious problems going on right now.

Shannon -- Marilyn's intern from last year -- came by to see all of us today, which was wonderful! Marilyn and I didn't join her (and others) for lunch, as we needed to run some errands. But we did get a chance to chat with her, which was very cool...

Marilyn had a 2:00 meeting. I spent some time talking to Mark who was in working today.

My work computer (08) DIED today. That was very, very depressing. I've no clue if it can be saved or not. I think it might have a dual hard drive -- and the issue with it is hard-drive related. At least, the error message seems to be about the hard drive. Anyway, that meant I couldn't work at my usual desk.

I moved down to what will soon be Brenda's space (Ashley's Seasonal assistant). I've been using it recently. Then I discover my Outlook email isn't working properly. I'm missing THREE WEEKS of email (!!!), right during one of my busiest times of the years with the festival website! I was not amused, needless to say.

So now I've had a dead computer and no working email. Great, huh?

Next I discover that I can't get on the internet with Brenda's computer. Terrific.

At least I was able to start setting up her profile -- rather essential, as she starts at the office on Monday! But I need to log in as her and do her full set up, which I never had time for today.

Marilyn and I started our joint meeting with Will at 3:00 (after her 2:00 meeting). Then she bowed out and let me talk with him. It was supposed to be an hour meeting, but ran half an hour long -- only ending when I practically booted him out.

He seems to understand the basics -- and maybe more -- of WordPress. But he's never worked with anything but what I refer to as 'baby' websites, numbering under 50 pages in size. When you're someone like me who has been working on a HUGE website for years, I have to admit I'm not too impressed. (Our website is ranked in the top 10% of international websites, it's more than 500 pages in size and is award-winning -- just to make it as clear as I can...)

Will has no understanding of dealing with sponsor expectations at a website. He doesn't actually code, and it was clear he can't really 'read' HTML (and I have my doubts about how well he knows CSS). The goal is to create a WordPress template as our new website, which I'm highly in favor of doing. But he didn't come in showing me even a rough mock-up, which surprised and disappointed me.

Plus it was clear he was UNFAMILIAR with our existing website. Really? You're trying to get a job working on an internationally famous website and you don't even bother to go and look it over before going to a meeting about the site? Um, that's remarkably unprofessional...

He talked about launching the most 'important' pages of the site 'first,' then the rest of it later. Catch a clue, Will. Whether I'd go for that or not (I never would), no one else would! And I'm not going there with the decision as to which pages are 'important' and which are less so, believe me. We'll be launching it all at once, thanks -- or not at all.

I want to give him a chance. I think it's time to consider WordPress and I'd love a cleanly designed site after all these years. I want to be able to easily go from one set of colors to another at will, which I think would be WONDERFUL! I like the basic design, but want to dump some of the image elements we've been stuck with forever, in favor of some newer things...

I told Will to go away and create a mock-up of the Home page and at least one other page, then get back to me. I need to SEE something he's done -- and not a tiny little website that he's done without serious input from the client, (Right.)

So that was my day. Kind of frustrating, to say the least.

But Marilyn and I are in a pretty good mood, so it didn't really matter (Friends should see my recent locked entry to see why).

We stopped and shopped at Freddies, then I came home and fixed refried beans tacos for dinner. Tomorrow I'll do more 'real' cooking -- I'm planning on a casserole and stuffed acorn squash (and maybe some other things, too).

It's garbage night. Okay, no 'garbage' this week (every other only), but I need to go and do the recycling and composting (mess) before bed.

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