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Busy Day -- Cleaning/Organizing and Festival Website Work!

First, I didn't sleep that well last night, I'm afraid. I had a nightmare and then couldn't get back to sleep -- I was worried about friend Shari and the IT issues we're dealing with at the office...

Instead of just lying there, I got out my Kindle and almost finished reading the book "Zombiestan" (which I did finish today).

Today I spent ages working in our home office -- and it was well worth the effort!!! I'll have to take photos and share. Of course, I don't think I have 'Before' photos that will show off what I did, which is a bummer...

I did talk for ages to Shari and she was doing well, so that was a good thing. I also talked to Ashley and Christine at the office (and Marilyn several times, of course). And went to coffee at one point with sister Sue.

I also talked to Jason for some time -- interestingly Marilyn and I had just been talking about him recently!

Marilyn came home early so we could tackle a number of festival website changes that really needed making. And this evening I started cleaning up the mess that ended up in my bedroom from working in the office. It's almost impossible not to impact some other room during cleaning, I find.

Marilyn and I got good news today -- but I'll probably post a 'Friends' entry to discuss it at this point. Eventually I'll go public about it, though. I rarely ever lock my entries, as you all know!

I just finally got around to putting up some challenges at Hubbub again (about time). Since being so sick, I just haven't gotten around to being active there again. But I'm ready now to turn that around! I joined and did a little bit of the Beginners Stair Climb and got immediately winded, but I'll get back to it. That's a promise!

I love Sandra Rinomato on "Property Virgins" (on HGTV) -- but I swear I saw a commercial with a new woman doing the series (!!!). I hope they haven't dropped Sandra, because I think she's AWESOME -- by far my favorite of all the people hosting shows on HGTV!

"Revenge" is on tomorrow night!!! (woo hoo) Marilyn and I love that show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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