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Belated Merry Christmas!!!

I realize it's days late, but for those who don't know, I was desperately SICK on Christmas day... Actually, I got sick in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve (past midnight, so I guess it counts as Christmas... whatever...). I've rarely been this ill in my life and can't remember ever throwing up so hard and continuously. It was pretty bad. I couldn't even keep WATER down for hours.

Marilyn was a SAINT -- and I'm not kidding. She didn't leave me alone for more than five minutes at a time for two days. She kept a cool cloth on my face and bathed my neck and wrists with cold water (I was burning up with fever). She was there even when I was violently sick (which has to have been disgusting and sickening) and kept ice and other things there until I was able to get meds down and water. I don't know what I would have done without her.

And sister Sue ran out to get ice (which we never have) and popsicles and jello -- when I finally did get something down it was originally ice (which I sucked for the liquid).

Anyway, we did enjoy our Christmas Eve -- and did go to dinner for Chinese this year, rather than getting takeout (our usual holiday tradition). Marilyn, Sue and I went to a local place for food, then out to see lights via car. Later Marilyn and I watched midnight Mass at the Vatican before heading to bed. I got sick sometime shortly after going to bed -- and I actually woke Marilyn with the sound, even though I was in my bathroom upstairs and she was in her bedroom downstairs.

I'll try and share more HAPPY and pleasant details about our Christmas (well, leading up to it, anyway!) later on... maybe...

Meanwhile, I'm sorry I never had a chance to share a GREETING with all of you here!!!

Merry Christmas!

Last Christmas we had a very sick cat (Henry) as you may RECALL READING. Marilyn says we should stop celebrating Christmas -- and she might just have a point... (smile)

I'm much better for those worried. We suspect it was the flu, though it might have been a very bad case of food poisoning. I didn't end up going to work this week (for obvious reasons), and Marilyn stayed home with me yesterday (but went in today).

More news later on -- I just wanted to post after days away from LiveJournal. I've barely been online for days -- I thought I might get to 1,400 Friends at Facebook, I'm only at 1,372 (which is totally fine, mind you!).

2012? I hope I get back to blogging daily!!!

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