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Late Movie -- Staff Christmas Party -- WORK...

Marilyn and I just got back from going to a late movie. We saw "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol."

(No, we didn't end up going to the new Sherlock Holmes midnight movie last night -- we were just too damn tired...)

The MI movie was FABULOUS!!! I highly recommend it, even if you're not normally an action/adventure fan. Good cast, good script and lots of fun -- with unexpected humor sprinkled through the entire film. Tom Cruise is better than ever, and both Marilyn and I are huge Jeremy Renner fans.

We hit heavy fog going out to the show and heavy fog coming back -- but happily it was better when we got toward home. We hadn't been expecting that, considering how bad it was in our neighborhood when we left!!!

We left later than we intended, and then had to stop for gas (!!!), but managed to get there on time -- Marilyn did a great job finding it...

It was a very busy morning at work today, with Marilyn, Carol and me leaving late to go to the Kennedy School McMenamins, where our Staff gathered for our Christmas Party. This is the first time in years that we've been able to afford to go somewhere and have the festival PAY for our lunch (and two drinks each), so it was a pretty big deal!

Everyone took gifts ($20 limit) and we did an exchange by drawing names -- then had four people who could 'steal' (and those they took stuff from got a chance to steal, too), also done by drawing. A lot of Starbucks gifts were given -- but the alcohol Carol gave was the fave gift.

Marilyn had gone out and carefully bought a pedometer, knowing several people were training for the half marathon were now associated with -- plus some 'Glide' for runners to avoid chaffing. It ended up not a popular gift (???), so she 'traded' to get it back. My gift was also unpopular. I got several items including an iTunes card -- and my gift was basically hated. (grin) Oh well!

We took along an 'extra' gift that Marilyn picked out -- the book "Breaking Dawn" and a book light. That gift was more popular, so we didn't end up bringing it home again (like the other gifts). Next year? We're both giving booze, believe me. And why bother running around to pick out something special (more than one store, mind you), when people don't like the gifts anyway? Enough said.

The food at lunch was quite good. Both Marilyn and I had the steak salads -- quite yummy, and HEALTHY, too! (Let's not talk about the 'unhealthy' drinks, because it is Christmas, after all! And we've been pretty darn good about our eating recently.)

Outlook (our email) at work is STILL down -- and I've been unable to reach Kris. Frustrating. Nor do we have Remote Desktop access. It really sucks. I wonder when we'll be back to normal again?

I'll update about Shari tomorrow. I'm anxious to head to bed now...

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