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Charlie's Jewelry Tree -- Christmas, 2011

Just a quick entry today, as I'm really tired (!!!) and need a nap. Marilyn and I plan to go to the midnight movie showing of the new Sherlock Holmes movie, come hell or high water! (smile)

Friend Shari's status? Not good. Happily she is in the hospital, which is exactly where she needs to be. She hurt her shoulder pretty bad in the falls she took.

She told me when I talked to her this evening that she's had several small strokes, but she's been confused, so I'm hoping to hear more from her sister-in-law Jan. Prayers and good thoughts remain appreciated! Thanks!

I made this jewelry tree many, many years ago. I think I started it while still in high school, though it may have been just after I graduated.

It's made up of family jewelry pieces, so each one has special meaning to us. Mom helped me a lot with the pieces when I was making it. The green background was cloth used for sister Sue's bridesmaids dresses when she was married.

It was supposed to be drilled for lights (Dad never got to that task, I'm afraid) -- and as it's on a very heavy piece of wood, it was beyond me. I'm not sure I want the lights now, though, so that's probably a good thing. (smile) I did want it framed, too -- maybe someday.

My art teacher Gertrude and I preferred these trees NOT be solid as many people make them, nor that they have a background creating the tree shape. We both liked to use the actual pieces to suggest the outline of a tree. It meant laying things out many times, but it was a labor of love. I'm pleased with how it turned out...


ETA:What's WRONG with these damn photos!!! They're not displaying right! They were fine before... (sigh)

(Click on the photos to see them larger...)

That last photo was from a couple of years ago. I've moved it to a different place this year...

Off now for a nap!
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