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Christmas Preparations...

Where did today go??? I can't believe it's past 10:00 p.m. -- I've been so very busy today.

First off, our friend Shari is not doing at all well. I was on the phone countless times with her all day long. Finally her brother Bob (and sister-in-law Jan) had to have her taken to the hospital by ambulance. Your PRAYERS and kind thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks so much! I've been praying for her all day and am very worried...

I spent quite a bit of time on the usual festival work on and off all day. But my main focus was to get Christmas decorations out and put up. Mostly I worked on the family room (downstairs) today. Tomorrow I'll focus more on the living room -- and finally start to decorate the two trees! Marilyn and I will hopefully finish those up tomorrow night or Friday...

I also did some cleaning and cooking today. I made a chicken curry rice casserole for dinner that turned out very nice.

I have a slew of photos to share of Christmas decorations. We have a TON of these, so this is only the tip of the ice berg. (smile) Many we've had since we were kids or for a number of years, though there are a few newer ones, too.

The weather remains cold here, but there's no snow in our area, as yet.

In amusing news, cats Colin and Henry seem to prefer the artificial tree downstairs to the living flocked tree upstairs. I guess they aren't fans of the flocking. Good thing, as they've been getting it all over their fur as it is and it's messy. (Plus we don't want them sick from it!) They don't tend to lie under it, but maybe that's because there's no room. Instead they go to the other tree and lie under it. AND they chew it the way past cats we've had used to chew on live trees! It's really very sweet.

Oh! And they both love the new pink tree skirt! (grin)

Photo share!!! You can see them below...

2011 Christmas - reindeer and Santa
2011 Christmas - reindeer and Santa We've had the deer for years, but Santa was in the family before I was born and is much loved.
2011 Christmas - reindeer, Santa and basket
2011 Christmas - reindeer, Santa and basket In front of the reindeer and Santa you can see our Lewis & Clark 'smores ornaments (unusual!).
2011 Christmas - Mom's angel bear
2011 Christmas - Mom's angel bear Can you see the bear's angel wings?
2011 Christmas - Christmas village
2011 Christmas - Christmas village The favorite piece of our village is the church, which has been in the family for generations! It was Grandma Elsie's, then Mom's and now Marilyn's and mine. It winds up and plays "Silent Night."
2011 Christmas - cat sock
2011 Christmas - cat sock This is one of two cat socks we have. One side reads 'GOOD CAT' and the back reads 'BAD CAT' (smile). Originally we got these for Kittie Scarlett and Colin Kitty, they now belong to Colin and Henry Tudor Cat...
2011 Christmas - family room tree
2011 Christmas - family room tree We moved this tree downstairs this year...
2011 Christmas - stuffed toys
2011 Christmas - stuffed toys A collection of stuffed toys. The knit snowman has been around a very long time.
2011 Christmas - glass tree (right) and snowmen (left)
2011 Christmas - glass tree (right) and snowmen (left) I made the glass tree years back, from 7-Up bottles I smashed into green glass...
2011 Christmas - Snowmen
2011 Christmas - Snowmen This is a recent favorite we've only had a few years. But they remind us of a childhood decoration both Marilyn and I adored!
2011 Christmas - wooden deer
2011 Christmas - wooden deer Several decades old...
2011 Christmas - bear ornament
2011 Christmas - bear ornament We hang some ornaments from our various lamps...
2011 Christmas - Snowman walking snowdog
2011 Christmas - Snowman walking snowdog Isn't this the cutest thing???
2011 Christmas - wreath
2011 Christmas - wreath This wreath has been around for several decades.
2011 Christmas - teenage faves
2011 Christmas - teenage faves The 'Lifesaver' man and wreath were given to Marilyn and me before we entered high school by Mom (we have two of each). They're very simple, but special to us.
2011 Christmas - family room
2011 Christmas - family room You can see Colin on the ottoman and our new PINK tree skirt under the tree.
2011 Christmas - Nativity
2011 Christmas - Nativity Not very fancy, really -- but we've had it several years...
2011 Christmas - Mistletoe ball
2011 Christmas - Mistletoe ball Mom made this and it's been around most of my life...
2011 Christmas - Partridge basket
2011 Christmas - Partridge basket Mom gave this to us years ago.
2011 Christmas - 'Smores Ornaments
2011 Christmas - 'Smores Ornaments Aren't these both odd and cute?
2011 Christmas - Swedish decoration
2011 Christmas - Swedish decoration Years and years ago my penpal from Sweden sent this to me. It's handmade of straw and I think it's so cool! Can you see the reindeer???
2011 Christmas - Barista bear
2011 Christmas - Barista bear One of the Barista bears...
2011 Christmas - stuffed deer
2011 Christmas - stuffed deer This one plays "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" (smile)...
2011 Christmas - Wooden Holly box
2011 Christmas - Wooden Holly box We've had it for decades. It's in the living room.
2011 Christmas - Rose basket and gold trees
2011 Christmas - Rose basket and gold trees We've had the basket for years and years. It's filled with white roses and gold ornaments and lights up (obviously). The gold trees are fairly recent (a trio of them). And the standing reindeer is dressed in fanciful clothes!
2011 Christmas - snowman with dangling legs
2011 Christmas - snowman with dangling legs You can't see his feet hanging way down...
2011 Christmas - Nativity
2011 Christmas - Nativity New this year, we bought this at the Pioneer Methodist bazaar.

I'm beat, so I need to get a nap (or just go to bed!).

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