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Lovely Sunday!

Marilyn and I drove all over today, both for fun and for errands.

Tonight we decided we wanted to try and get a flocked tree for Christmas, so we spent a long time hunting for one. We may have someone who can help -- he's going to phone us tomorrow...

Anyway, it's chilly here, but dry, thankfully! They're saying maybe we'll have snow this week, though (!!!).

We got rid of some plants in the living room and rearranged some things and it's a really lovely change! We're excited to finish decorating and perhaps have some people over to enjoy the holidays with us... Once we're done, of course!

This should be another busy work week. Marilyn's new assistant, Sara, starts on Tuesday, so I'll have training to do. Happily I got her all set up on her computer last Friday!

Sister Sue felt well enough to attend a one-day cribbage event today. I hope she's doing okay tonight.

Marilyn and I are both fighting off bugs -- and the cold air inversion over Portland (and the rest of the Pacific Northwest) is causing air to stagnate over the region, making pollution levels just awful, which doesn't help our health any, frankly. Marilyn's been having asthma (which she's been prone to her entire life), and I'm struggling with a sore throat. We're both stuffed up and fighting constant headaches and eye discomfort -- and we figure it's all tied to this.

Right now I'm chilled and considering a hot bath -- a long soak is quite appealing!

Well, there's probably more, but that's all I have time for today. I'm off to read and say my prayers and get a nap -- or maybe just head to bed, period. We have a lot of plans for tomorrow (and tons more errands to attend to).

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