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Last Chance Bazaar in Hood River and Finished my Book (King's "11/22/63")

Marilyn and I got up early enough this morning to attend the 'Last Chance Holiday Bazaar' in Hood River this morning (after a quick stop for breakfast at McDonald's). (Yeah, that link above is LAME. It was hard to find any place to link that will still be there in a couple of days... for heaven's sake...)

It was a lovely, lovely ride. There was heavy frost that I wish I had photos of to share. It was as pretty as snow, with no dangerous driving to worry about.

We also stopped at a roadside fruit stand that was great fun! We got several types of apples and some pears, and got to pet the yellow cat that 'guards' the barn. (grin) What a heavy coat of fur that baby had! They leave people to the honor system (!!!) believe it or not. You weigh and pay for your own items, dropping cash in a locked box...

We didn't buy much to speak of at the bazaar, but it was to see. Nice people everywhere.

When we came home we ate refried beans (we've been having them a lot lately) and then snuggled down to read and so on...

I finally finished Stephen King's "11/22/63" -- it's a delightful book! Yeah, as I always say, I was a King fan before anybody knew who he was. (Total aside, I once interviewed David Morrell, who is a good friend of King... but that's another story!)

Anyway, I highly recommend this book -- you won't be disappointed if you give it a try. I got it for Kindle...

I'm watching SNL as I type this (with Katy Perry).

I almost forgot! I finally did some moderation for seasonal_icons... There's been a SPAMMER there, unfortunately. (sigh) So I need to keep an eye on it in the future. I get so busy this is difficult at times... (I wonder what happened to the owner???)

And that's it for today, a lovely, lazy Saturday! Okay, we'll decorate and trim the tree tomorrow. (smile)

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