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Christmas, Winterizing and Normal Chores -- Hello, It's Thursday!

Feeling blessed today. Busy, busy -- and can't seem to get on top of everything I need to do. But blessed, even so!

Had to work on a major graphics job for the festival this morning. The new official rose photos needed enhancing, and as usual in a size I don't normally work with (!!!). I did two versions: One without stem and leaves and one with. They turned out decent and should make it easier later on...

Anyway, Rich needed these for his press release about the rose. Happily I got my News item about it up yesterday at the website, so I didn't need to worry about that project. Rich was going to use my stuff to form his press release, but I used a smaller (MUCH smaller) photo for my purposes, so he had to wait on me, graphics-wise.

My job is so varied that I never know from one day to the next what I'll be focusing on! I could be coding for the website, writing up a News item, designing a new webpage, doing some type of graphics, focusing totally on an IT issue, dealing with the backend (Server-side) of our VOIP phone system, preparing for new personnel and on and on. It's certainly never a dull moment!

I've ended up really loving many aspects of the IT Manager work, which I'd never have guessed would be true early on! The website stuff is still great, too -- and never seems to get boring or 'old' for me. Obviously I love anything that has to do with writing, too.

And Gertrude (my high school art teacher)??? Are you looking down from heaven today? I hope you're as pleased as I am with how I ended up using my artistic talents and skills... I rarely ever pick up an actual brush to paint or pencil to draw, which would probably be interesting to Gertrude. But I suspect if she were still alive she'd have jumped right in and started to learn how to use applications for art! She was a very game woman...

Other stuff from today?

Sister Sue took me to Freddies to shop, where I picked up a few minor items while she was getting her oil changed. Then she and I had a bite to eat together in the deli.

When I got home I tackled the project to 'winterize' the family room windows out back. They're single-pane glass and when it's cold that wall of the family room really shows it! Marilyn's beloved sofa sits directly below those windows, as does my corner chair.

In the past I've come up with many 'creative' ways to deal with this, which have even included hanging afghans and other blankets over the inside of the windows -- and putting any number of 'buffers' on the outside (you don't want to know). This year I decided on plastic (how original... hahahahaha...), which I put up with my handy (old) staple gun! But we have one window we like to actually look out, so I cut through the opaque plastic and used a sheet of glass there.

Yeah, I could have gone and bought clear plastic, but considering we had this huge roll of opaque plastic, it didn't make sense, budget-wise! The glass was from our old TV unit that got trashed during the flooding, so it's very nice glass, not like a window pane. Anyway, I put it firmly in place and then used paper tape to seal the edges -- and the staple gun to make sure it wouldn't come down in the cold. On top of that I took brand new boxes that were flat and cut them for the cardboard -- then put a layer everywhere except where the glass is. That's my extra buffer this year, and it actually looks less nasty than many things I've used in the past, believe it or not! Anyway, this is in back and down in the window well, so it doesn't make much impact. We spend almost no time out there this time of year...

I think I notice a difference, but it's up to Marilyn to really tell me. Hopefully we'll be pretty snug until next Spring!

Then it's 'waste disposal night' (it just doesn't have the same ring as 'garbage and recycling night'), so I cleaned the cat boxes, gathered all the garbage and recycling and took it all out. Let's not talk about the compost bin, which reeks (so glad it's outside). I still get the garbage together and out in the can, even though it won't go for another week. No point it putting it off -- plus we'd be buried in it if I didn't still gather it weekly!

Happily the larger can seems to have taken some of the stress away for me. (Frankly, I don't need any additional stress in my life, thanks Mayor Adams and City of Portland!) But Marilyn just got our latest bill for this and WOW is it ever high!!! That seems pretty unfair to me...

I got in a little bit of reading while waiting for Sue, and hope to do more when I have my nap (before I'm snoring, hopefully).

Our Christmas tree is up and the lights are all working!!! I started putting up more decorations today -- and got out all the tree decos ready to go on this weekend. I doubt we'll feel like it tomorrow night, but you never know...

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas at our house! (grin)

I still didn't get as much done today as I wanted, even though I worked in a walk for one of my Hubbub challenges. I felt tired much of the day and a tiny bit (just a tiny bit!) cranky, accordingly. I still want to work out along with the rest of the stuff I need to do in life, but it's hard getting started, I guess.

My mouth isn't too sore today -- but my finger hurts. I hope to set up a doctor appointment tomorrow. I see the dentist again on December 21.

I continue to deal with IT stuff, of course. But we're getting closer to resolving the new Server issues, I think.

Oh! And I cancelled an account that Marilyn was roped into and never wanted -- the woman on the phone was very pleasant, happily.

Sue's hanging in, but not feeling great. We can't get her to stop driving (and never will), but she is limiting it quite a bit. Henry (our cat) is doing really well -- a big plus considering last year.

That's it for today!

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