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Christmas is Coming! No News on Goose Weight-loss Program...

I had a lot of things to do for the office today, so I did spend hours (and hours) of my time on that.

So the cool thing? Getting my Yahoo email to come in to my Outlook -- which means things should end up here that are FORWARDED from my work account, as those now go to my Yahoo email.

I used to have them sent directly home from my work account, but the recent crap with Qwest meant I had to change that. I'm still amazed by the dishonesty of Qwest/Century Link when dealing with both me (personally for our home account) and with both of our IT techs! They spent ages trying to say they weren't blacklisting the festival, even though I had dozens and dozens of bounce-back emails that said in no uncertain terms that they were doing exactly that! When did lying to people become acceptable behavior? (All my life I've hated lying...)

Well, that's enough of that. I'm really not trying to get on a rant. (grin)

If you've never tried getting Yahoo in Outlook, it is pretty cool. I think I'm going to love that! And setting it up is easy -- Yahoo goes through it step by step. Nice.

The subject for this blog entry is me being a goof, by the way. We don't eat goose around here (grin), so...

I did get some of the housecleaning done today (woo hoo), and the Christmas tree is out of the box and standing up -- so far, so good. Hopefully I'll get the tree ready to be decorated tomorrow (!!!), so we can either do it in the evening (evenings), or this weekend. Then it's on to other decorations!

I moved furniture around like MAD today, which is why I'm exhausted tonight. But oh well. It had to be done!

Tomorrow I also need to put plastic on the windows of the family room (it really gets cold over by the windows), too. And pick up the stuff I've dumped in other rooms while cleaning the living room.

"Revenge" is on tonight -- can't wait! Marilyn and I love that show!

That's it for now...

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