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Dentist, Marilyn and Sue, Work and Much More...

What a tough work day, with a lot of IT kicking my butt.

Donn and Denise were in today and we met together -- then with Marilyn -- to discuss our overall plan. The dual monitors for the two front area computers are now done, and a computer is set up in the space for the seasonal Events Assistant (with dual monitors). So we're getting somewhere!

Rosanna needed help to get connected with QuickBooks, which I helped her with. We couldn't get her set up with the multiple user format, but what the hell -- she was in, at least! With the Auditors there today, it was a rough time for her.

At Staff meeting we celebrated my recent birthday -- and I was pleased that they had HEALTHY foods for me, including a fruit platter and a meat and cheese platter (I ate no crackers at all). I did go for Starbucks coffee with Rich, but had them cut back on the flavor in it -- and stuck with water after I'd finished it for the rest of the day. I'm using my own 'Make a Trade' challenge at Hubbub to inspire myself about healthy food choices. (woo hoo)

Marilyn went to join sister Sue for her doctor appointment this afternoon -- and Rosanna (bless her!!!) took me to my dental appointment at 4:15 today. I discussed the recent health concern with Mary (my dentist) and we put off the root canal for now. But she did some cavaties that needed work in the front on top. Let's just say it was pretty painful, but I got through it (and without any additional numbing, though Mary offered a couple of times). I'm in some serious pain right now, but I can deal. When it comes to pain, I'm used to it -- and I'm no wimp.

Rosanna insisted on sticking around and bringing me home. I'd forgotten to take my key, so she hung out to be sure I got in okay. She wouldn't let me out of the car, even though Marilyn was only a short distance away. It was so touching. What a dear friend...

When the dental work got really bad I kept praying "God bless you" about Mary -- and Holly, her assistant, too -- and I told them both verbally 'God bless you' for the work they do. It really makes a difference in the lives of many people, after all. I found that praying really helped me to focus and to get past the worst pain. I'd do that again in a heartbeat...

I'm disgusted with myself that I never got around to blogging yesterday! I can't believe I let it go after weeks of steady day-to-day blogging. Damn! I want to get back to daily blogging where I don't skip a single day, the way I did for years. (sigh) I was hoping the Hubbub 'Journal-ism' challenge would help with that, but clearly it wasn't working yesterday (!!!).

My 'growth' (which is NOT a wart, by the way) on my finger is painful again today. I'll share more about it later -- Marilyn did research on it over the weekend and it may have far larger health-related implications for me. I'll share those once I've seen my doctor (hopefully very soon).

Other random news? I had a lovely birthday gift on my desk from friend Charold (she always does that, the dear lady). I'll try to remember to take a photo and share, because it's quite special.

I have a big News item to get up at the festival website tomorrow. Plus some Social Media things to tackle. So it should be a very busy day!

I also plan to clean house and start decorating for Christmas. And to do some work outside to 'weatherize' for all this cold we're now having!

Right now I need pain pills and to lie down. No worries, I'll be fine by tomorrow...

Jeff got started at Hubbub today and is doing very well! Good for him! Marilyn did her first Hubbub challenge (a very good one, about laughter) and other people are all working away.

Oh, before I forget, "The Biggest Loser" made me cry several times tonight! I love Ramon and was pleased he won the marathon. And I adore Antone and was thrilled he made the top three. Next week should be very exciting. You know, I was happy for many of the contestants, not just the top three.

Life is crazy, as always. The IT is maddening and frustrating. I feel swamped with work. But you know what??? Life is GOOD!!! I'm very happy with my work and love the people I work with and associate with. I have good friends (including my LiveJournal friends, of course). I'm so BLESSED.

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