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A Lovely Birthday!

Yes, I had a lovely BIRTHDAY today! Many thanks to all who gave me special bday greetings, by the way -- I really do appreciate it more than I can say!

Sister Sue brought me a card (with $$$ inside) yesterday from her, Candy and Nicole. (The money was totally unnecessary, as the greeting means so much to me -- and I worry about them not having enough to be giving it to me...) I still can't believe Sue came out to see me when she wasn't feeling well -- it was scary worrying about her. (sigh)

Marilyn was EXTREMELY generous with me, as she always is. She got me a musical card (I love them) and it, too, had cash inside (a great deal). Plus she bought me some Kindle books (including some expensive ones!), bought me food at Starbucks (I used my free bday postcard from them for the drink), got me the slippers I really, really wanted (!!!) and a new blankie (soft and pretty -- red and white plaid).

We took a nice ride today and stopped in Scappoose, Oregon and the Marquardt Farms to get our Christmas wreath. (We like to hang one on the inside of our front door so we can have the nice evergreen smell in the house...) The people at the farm were so friendly! It was just a lovely experience. They even had a whole table of free (!!!) goodies for visitors, that included coffee, cocoa and cookies! Very nice.

We also did some shopping at Walmart for some necessary items -- and that's where my slippers and blankie came from. We went to the Starbucks directly across the street from Walmart after we finished shopping.

The drive was nice as it was pretty socked in right around home -- but we discovered blue skies not that far away. So pretty!

Then we went to the office briefly before heading home.

When we came back home we enjoyed a relaxing day of reading, game playing and TV watching. I was active at the usual Social Media places (Facebook and Hubbub) -- and I got a lot of cyber bday greetings. So kind of everyone.

I'm still reading Stephen King's "11/22/63" -- which is fascinating! A great concept -- and he's a fantastic writer. I liked him back when nobody knew who he was, by the way... (smile)

Apparently they've already planned a movie based on the book that should start filming in fall 2012...

Again, I'm too lazy (!!!) to list all the books I've been reading, but I'll get to it. I promise!

I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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