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Basically Quiet Saturday...

I got to sleep in really late this morning -- and it was WONDERFUL. (smile)

Then Marilyn and I got ready and went to the Pioneer Methodist holiday bazaar. We were supposed to meet sister Sue there, and have lunch with neighbors June and Jim (who are quite active at the church). Those three things did NOT really end up happening, though!

We walked in to find June and Jim finishing up their lunch (!!!). When I teased June about it she said something like 'I couldn't wait, I was starving...' or whatever. This really wasn't a surprise, as it happened the last time we were supposed to meet them for lunch there, too...

So Marilyn and I looked around and did a tiny bit of shopping in Clark Hall. Things have changed a lot at the church over the years. This was the church we attended as kids and into young adulthood (I was literally in the womb when I was attended this church). Now activities like the bazaar are restricted to Clark Hall, as much of the church building is rented out -- it's how they've kept it open at all...

Anyway, we ran into cousin Linda, which was a happy surprise! We hadn't seen her since last June. So we had lunch with her (Marilyn only had pie and coffee), while waiting for Sue to join us. It was a nice visit!

Sue did show up, but never came inside. She was up in the parking lot. Basically she didn't feel well enough to come in, so ended up driving back home again. Poor Sue. She's just not doing well right now. We're worried, and Marilyn wants her to get in touch with her doctors, so I guess we'll see what happens next...

We left immediately, which disappointed June who had hoped I'd hang around a bit.

We drove Linda home then came home ourselves and have been here the rest of the day. We've read, played games, watched TV and napped -- and it's been PERFECT. We really needed to re-charge our batteries after this past week.

We're watching SNL now. And Sue and Marilyn have talked on the phone back and forth several times. (She's feeling a bit better tonight.)

I started reading Stephen King's book "11/22/63" a bit ago and just finished the first chapter. Interesting, so far. King has always been one of my favorite authors and I continue to love his writing style. I've been doing a lot of reading lately, actually. I should make a list one of these days...

It's very cold here, by the way -- winter is all around us!

I guess that pretty much sums up my day.

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