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Nutcracker Performance -- Holiday Fun!

Just had a bite to eat (homemade tacos filled with refried beans). (Weird! LiveJournal sees 'refried' as being spelled incorrectly...)

After Marilyn and I got off work, we came home briefly, then headed over to Vancouver, Washington to see the Nutcracker performance put on by the Vancouver Dance Theatre. Carol (our friend from work) had invited us to attend, to see her daughter Aisha dance (as both a mouse and ginger girl) -- as well as her husband Brian (who danced as Grandfather). We're both soooo glad that Carol Facebooked this event! It was such a pleasure to attend! And both Aisha and Brian did a great job!

We were starving when we got home, though, so that's why we ate so late... (The performance started at 7:00 p.m. and ran until 9:30.)

I'm watching an episode of "Monk" as I type this. It's a show I really enjoying watching, even though it's old and in reruns.

As for today at work, it was a pretty brutal IT day for me. I had barely walked in the door when I was bombarded with problems. I hadn't even taken off my coat or sat down. (sigh) And it got worse for several hours. The new Server and surrounding problems are kicking my ass (to say nothing of poor Kris). And it seemed like there were problems on top of problems.

Anyway, Marilyn and I took a short lunch break, then she was really not feeling well in the afternoon. But she hung in there (of course) and Ashley joined us so we three could sign the festival Christmas cards (more than 500 of them).

I was leading the crawl at Hubbub for much of today again -- very fun. I didn't have much time to spend on it, though, today. I was just too busy. Marilyn was on the crawl, too, by the way! Very exciting! The crawl lists 'Today's Best' for both 'Overall' (everyone at the site) and 'Friends' (meaning my own friends, not including me, of course). So Marilyn showed up in both spots for my crawl -- and I'd show up for both spots on her crawl (if that makes sense). I've made more challenges for Hubbub and we continue to enjoy it -- and find it motivational, a good thing!

Happily Marilyn felt better later in the day, or we probably wouldn't have attended the performance.

Let's see... In other news...

Sister Sue isn't doing well right now, I'm afraid. She passed out several times yesterday, and even though she didn't pass out today, she was only feeling 'medium' (as she told Marilyn). It's a shame.

My friend June phoned me at work today and both of her cars had failed to start! She was supposed to be at church for the Pioneer Methodist holiday bazaar, but was stranded at home. Her husband, Jim, had already gone -- and the phone at church goes to a machine, with no one answering it. June and Jim have one cell phone that they share, but they don't use it -- and I guess none of her friends at church have them, either. I never had a chance to contact her all day long, so I don't know what she ended up doing...

Yesterday Sue and I went out to Milwaukie, Oregon to see friend Shari. I took the three of us out to lunch (Marilyn paid for that), and we had a nice visit (with sister Sue driving).

Shari's having some remodeling done at home, on both her bathroom and half bath. They were supposed to finish the work today, but I didn't hear if that happened or not.

I'm probably forgetting other things, but that's plenty for now! Marilyn and I want to SLEEP IN tomorrow -- in fact, we can't wait!

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