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IT Issues at the Office? Gotta Love IT!

Same old, same old, really... Changing Servers is a HUGE deal -- and it never goes smoothly from the get-go. Seriously. There are just too many elements involved for it to be perfect from the minute it happens. And frankly, there is no 'minute' anyway -- this is a big-assed job that takes many days to accomplish.

So part of yesterday and already now this morning (it's not even 9:00 a.m. yet here), I've been dealing with IT. Yes, again. (And forever.) I just talked at length to Kris, who is attempting to fix what didn't get fixed last night when he worked on it. He's dumping out of required training for his job to help me out, which impressed the hell out of me...

The current issue appears to have been caused from an insufficient amount of power to the IT Room, which the City of Portland (our landlords) are aware of and starting to work on. I need to get on them about it, because my experience has been that it takes them FOREVER to even start a task, much less finish it. I wanted to have the work done before the new Server install, but timing is a bitch -- and there was no other choice... (sigh)

I'm off with sister Sue shortly for the morning. Then back to a TON of work that needs to happen this afternoon. I'm sure the IT stuff will continue to be part of this, though Kris told me he didn't need me in the office this morning (thankfully).

Marilyn had a couple of very important meetings this morning -- and SHE was having to deal with IT on site, poor her. (Shouldn't be her job. I probably should have gone in today... sigh...) I hope she's not too impacted today.

On that note, more later! I've got to run!

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