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The New Mass and the Beginning of Advent -- Plus "The Walking Dead"


Okay, if you watch "The Walking Dead" and don't want to be spoiled, then don't read this. You've been warned...

Just watched the mid-season finale of "The Walking Dead" -- and we weren't surprised by the most shocking (last minute) moment. Marilyn and I had figured Sophia must be in the barn, and she was. Sad. We felt especially bad for Daryl (Dixon), who clearly really believed that she was still alive out there...

Most of the show was BORING. Just my opinion, but wow, it was slow moving.

So, how are you all liking the mix of religion and zombies that is this entry??? Hahahahaha. It just shows what a crazy world we live in, I guess.

In an aside from my subject line, our new Server install did end up taking place this weekend. It's not without some issues, and I can only imagine what tomorrow will be like. I'll probably get a ton of calls. (sigh) Well, I'm hopeful it won't be too bad, but we'll see.

The worst part? Right now we can't Remote -- and that's VERY SERIOUS business for many of us (especially ME, as I do much of my work that way all year round). I hope it's an easy fix, as Kris has implied...

Today is the first day of Advent. I feel really thankful for the recent Apps I've downloaded on my iPad: Prayer and Divine Office (both by Surgeworks). What a blessing they both are!!!

Anyway, I'm able to read so many prayers with greater ease and have so many to select from. Plus the Divine Office App has AUDIO -- really amazing audio with hymns! I love it. Imagine having all the prayers of the entire day in one place.

I just have to share a link to the following blog entry: So, How'd It Go?

Today is the first official day of the new Mass (in English) -- and the above-linked blog discusses it, and more importantly allows many to comment about their experiences. I find it interesting that the most difficult response for the laity is: And with your spirit. (which replaces: And also with you)

The new Missal is supposedly HUGE -- so it's nice to have it on my iPad. I guess a lot of Priests are using Apps for this, too. Fascinating, no???

Marilyn and I had homemade tacos (filled with refried beans) for dinner, and are about to have coffee and peppermint ice cream before bed...

It's almost the end of our vacation, which was very nice. We needed the rest, that's for sure!

Back to work on Tuesday...
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