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Shari's Cat Noelle and Chinese Dinner...

Never underestimate the power of prayer. I can't tell you how much Marilyn and I prayed after finding out that our friend Shari had lost her cat, Noelle. The special prayer that we did several times together was to St. Anthony, to whom I offer great thanks today...

Noelle is 17 years old, so when Shari called to tell us the cat had been gone all day long, I was really worried. It brought back memories of our neighbor June and her elderly cat Spooky. One day Spooky begged to go out and was never seen again. To this day I believe the cat deliberately went away to die, the way animals will. So I was afraid this was true for Noelle, too...

But I believe so strongly in the power of prayer. Part of the prayer to St. Anthony states: This may require a miracle...

I'm not entirely sure a miracle didn't happen in this case. Even Shari was certain earlier today that Noelle would never come back -- and I'd been so concerned about how she'd deal with the loss. God is good. I'm glad I stayed awake late praying... Maybe it didn't matter, but maybe it made all the difference.

Shari needs her cat, who is her life companion. She has a house of her own, but only the cat resides with her. There's nothing wrong with living alone, don't get me wrong. But some people need another living being with them -- and I think Shari is someone who really needs her beloved cat.

Our movie we ordered from came today -- it wasn't due until Monday, so that was a nice surprise!It's "Possessed," an exorcism film. (I mentioned it in my blog last Wednesday.) Both Timothy Dalton and Henry Czerny were amazingly good in their roles as priests, by the way...

Marilyn knew I'd been craving Chinese food recently, so she suggested going to get Chinese for dinner. Instead we ended up eating out at the local place on Lombard (very close to home). After we went to pick up my prescription, then came home and watched the movie "Fanboys" on TV, which we'd never seen before. Apparently the critics didn't like it, but we both did! After all, we're huge Star Wars (and Star Trek) fans -- and always have been. (smile)

Most of our day was quiet and relaxed. Donn dropped by briefly to bring us a new router (which he refused payment for). He's such a dear friend and decent man! I gave him a bottle of wine (before I knew he was going to gift us, for the record) and found out he does like Merlot (this was Merlot) -- I'd thought he didn't care for wine, but figured Denise would enjoy it.

I feel a little bad for not putting out goodies for the Waste Management crew this Thanksgiving as we've always done in the past. It used to be easy, but it's been since last year that people have been stealing the plates of food (!!!), meaning we can't put it out the night before. So it requires getting up early and waiting around -- and that just wasn't happening this year. (sigh) I'll have to come up with something for Christmas, though!

Continuing to love my iPad -- and especially some of the amazing Apps we've found. I have one for the Divine Office that's incredible. Aside from being able to read this, it has an audio feature where all the prayers and responses (etc.) are read out loud (!!!) by the App! It also includes hymns, other music and the sound of bells. Pretty impressive.

Marilyn and I pretty much take our iPads every place we go now. And we run them until they're completely out of juice. (grin) So powering the batteries is even more often than nightly...

Well, I need a quick nap, so I'm off!

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