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Drive to Seaside

Marilyn and I made our trip to Hump's today for lunch. Unfortunately, the food wasn't all that good, not usually true.

The bad news is that the restaurant is apparently closing. The good news is that it will probably re-open under new management, which it actually needs.

After lunch we decided spur of the moment to drive to Seaside. The weather was night and day from last night. We drove out late thinking we might go see a movie, but the weather was awful and we weren't really in the mood. Nor did we shop, though we went by WalMart and saw the amazing crowds of people there to do exactly that! Anyway, last night you could barely see for the pouring rain. Today was sunny and dry and lovely!

We shopped at Ike & Debbie's Red Barn in Gearhart for the first time ever. It was great fun! We also stopped at the liquor store there and got some spiced rum...

We did end up playing Fascination very briefly -- we hadn't expected it to be open. We probably only played 10 regular games and each won twice. Four times out of ten ain't bad! (And Marilyn won one of those with a gold row, so she got double coupons.)

We came home fairly early, but even so were driving in the dark -- it gets dark so early now. But at least it was dry!

When we got home I did the work I was supposed to do earlier. I got the News item up at the website and then worked on the Christmas card for the festival (yes, again). The last version wasn't large enough, so I had to toss it out and start over from scratch. I've no clue if this one will work either, but oh well. I'm pretty well done with the project, so if Carol needs to turn it over to Kenny, so be it...

I've done a lot more WORK during this vacation that I wanted to, to be honest. So whatever. I'm ready to let go, if need be of the card.

We got a call when we got home from our friend Shari. Her cat went outside when the workers who are doing Shari's bathroom came to work today, but she didn't come in again. She's an older cat (17 years old) and doesn't normally stay out so long, so Shari is really worried -- and Marilyn and I are worried for her. We've been praying for ages for her, because she lives alone and it would be a terrible loss for her. (sigh) I'll probably pray again when I finish this entry.

I didn't say it to Shari, but my friend June had her elderly cat disappear one day and never return (and we hunted and hunted and hunted for days and days). Shari is a long way out there in Milwaukie and there's no one to help her look for the cat. I'm hopeful her kitty hasn't gone off to die -- Shari's been having a bad time lately, and this is just too much.

We've had a long and busy day, so I imagine we'll head to bed soon...

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