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Thanksgiving Eve, So to Speak...

We had a nice day today, on the day before Thanksgiving.

Originally Marilyn and I were going to go to Hump's, which is one of our traditions every year. But the weather was nasty and it's a long drive, so we're putting that off until after Thanksgiving, which works for us, too.

We did go to Amalfi's (with sister Sue) where we had a small bite to eat and drinks, as we waited for our pizza, that will be our dinner tomorrow. (Of course, we did end up eating some of it today, which is normal for us, too...)

We bought our pumpkin pie and Cool Whip, so we're all ready for the holiday! (grin) Plus cat food so the kitties are taken care of and a bag of stuffing bread for my crows. I also took out nectar for the hummingbirds, so I guess everyone will have treats tomorrow...

We found out today from neighbor Rose that Teacup (the yellow cat) was killed. Apparently a car RAN OVER him (her?), leaving a TIRE MARK on the poor cat. Who actually drives OVER a cat??? I mean, that sounds so deliberate! Rose told me that Teacup had been pretty much adopted by our neighbors John, Barbara and Jesse -- and the cat spent every day after school lying on Jesse's chest. Jesse is having a hard time with the loss. The actual owners never seemed to care much about that poor (annoying) kitty...

I'm watching Jay Leno as I type this -- really amusing and cool with the all-military audience. Great concept.

Nor did I work on the Christmas card -- so I'll probably need to do that tomorrow...

We watched a movie tonight that we really enjoyed, "Possessed," from 2000. It's about exorcism and was based on a true story (the one which supposedly inspired the movie "The Exorcist"). We're fascinated by exorcism, but to be honest, we wanted to watch this to see actor Henry Czerny (whom we both really love). Both of the main priests were impressive men.

That's the high points of our day. I hope everyone has a great weekend -- and an early Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends!!!

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