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Appointment with My Dentist and Festival Website Work.

Marilyn and I stayed up pretty late last night. One of the things we did before going to bed was to watch Super 8," the science fiction film written and directed by J. J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg (which we originally saw at the theater).

What can I say about this movie? It's a testament for love, friendship, mercy, loyalty and forgiveness -- and you can't say that about many films these days! If you haven't seen it yet, you really should. Marilyn and I watched it on Pay-Per-View. It was certainly worth seeing again.

So we got up late and the next thing you know my dentist's office is phoning. It's Shannon (she works the front desk) calling to ask if we can come in early. Of course, Marilyn has just washed her hair and needs to dry it and I've just rolled out of bed -- so I say it won't be happening in the next hour. We actually were at the office inside an hour, though -- but they're packed and busy when we get there. This means we get to sit around for 45 minutes waiting...

Anyway, Holly takes x-rays and Mary does an exam and talks to both Marilyn and me about the work that needs doing. It's going to start on December 6 with a root canal (I need two at this point). She encourages us to get a new form of dental insurance that she's working with that lowers the cost as much as 40% -- so the good news is that all the work should end up far more reasonable than we'd been thinking (supposedly well under two grand). That's only an estimate, but we have our fingers crossed.

My joke at Facebook was that I was getting a root canal for my birthday, as this will happen two days after it. All joking aside, I really need the work done, so it's a good thing.

And even though we had to hang around and wait at the dentist (Marilyn's a trooper about this stuff, seriously), we were done before the time our original appointment was supposed to start, so that's a good thing, too.

We got Dairy Queen for lunch, and though we both skipped the fries in our 'baskets' (which went to the crows), we did split an order of onion rings. Vacation/holiday splurge. (grin) The chicken was good.

Then I needed to do a bunch of complicated website work, that started out taking three hours, but ended up being three and a half hours long...

I still need to try and re-do the whole Christmas card graphic thing, as for whatever reason (!!!) they think the graphics aren't high enough res to use. It's weird, because it's the same damn res as 2007 when I did the card! (As I keep saying, our AWARD WINNING card -- it took Gold in 2008.) I just don't get the problem.

But let's face it: Even though I did the POSTER this past year (for 2011), and even though I did the Christmas card (for 2007), and even though I've done some ads and things (like the Renaissance woman) -- I'm not doing print-quality graphic work. I never have been. I do web graphics, which is a whole 'nother animal. The dimensions are entirely different. And that's where I prefer to remain, all in all.

Still, I'd like to give the card one more try before I throw in the towel and let Kenny take it over. I should be doing that right NOW, so if I can't do it, he has plenty of time (that's only fair).

Okay, this year I'm far less in the mood to work during Thanksgiving vacation than previous years. Go figure. Regardless, I have done it -- and will keep on doing it. I have another website task for Friday (which I need to get ready to go), and I'll spend at least another hour (if not longer) on the card. That's what I do, after all...

We'd talked about going to the show tonight, but we laid down for a nap and I just slept past when we would have needed to go. Maybe we'll go tomorrow. We want to see 'Breaking Dawn' again, and "Abduction" again (while it's still in second run) -- so either one would be fine. Our joke was that we needed to get more popcorn for the crows as their holiday treat! (heh)

Ramon went off "The Biggest Loser" tonight, which was sad. But he did his own makeover and is back working out with Jessica -- so it's all good. I was glad Sunny didn't get knocked off, because she didn't deserve it. (John's an ass, and out for John, period. I like how Antone has continued to hold others to ethical behavior. He's great about that.

I did read a bit today, though not as much as I wanted to. And watched some TV, though not that much.

Plus I've played with my iPad -- and I use the term 'played' very loosely now. It's become far more of a TOOL for work than I originally thought it would be, which is a good thing! Getting email from work on it is cool, even though it doesn't work 100% for me -- mostly because I filter so many things into folders from the get-go (which makes items more difficult to find on the iPad).

The My Horse App is seriously screwed up since the last update, but they've promised to fix it with the next one. (woo hoo) I'm in the 60's somewhere with it now (I can't remember exactly what level, but past 60, anyway.) It remains a lot of fun to play.

I still love (love, love) the App Escape Rosecliff Island -- which is the same game we've played forever on our PCs (PC version). I was playing that for a time today, too. I can happily play it over and over and over again (no matter how many times I solve it). If you're into HOGs (Hidden Object Games), this one is a winner!

Finally, it's Tuesday night of Thanksgiving week, and I still haven't shared photos of our Thanksgiving decorations that I took right after I put them up! I did that shortly after I took down and packed away the Halloween decos -- which I never mentioned here, because I wasn't blogging at the beginning of the month (sigh).

Hey! Randomness: Is anybody else into "Revenge"??? Marilyn and I both ADORE it (love, love, love it) -- and have actually downloaded the episodes for our iPads. I think ABC has a major winner with this series!

The weather here is STORMY!!! Continued mass quantity of RAIN, plus wind. Just awful. I keep praying we won't have any worries with flooding due to too much rain. (big sigh) Last night it was nasty listening to the wind raging and rain pouring down... And it was awful to be out in it today! But at least it's not cold right now.

I think that's it for today. Sorry this got so lengthy!

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