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Chores and Work for the Festival...

Yeah, it might be vaca, but I needed to do a deadline job for the festival today -- working on the Christmas card graphics. This is hopefully off to the printers now (I had to re-do it once, so far). Otherwise we're talking me starting over from scratch either tonight or tomorrow... (sigh) Seeing as this was supposed to go to print today, well...

I used these dimensions back in 2007 when I did the Christmas card, so you'd think it would work fine again now, wouldn't you? (For our GOLD award winning card, I should add...) New printer since then, though.

Other tasks? I did some household chores this morning: Stuck the oil (we're good, at over 200 gallons!), raked leaves in back, phoned Hector about the gutters (we're supposed to be getting tons of rain), did a load of dishes, rearranged the garage to make room for the new larger garbage roll cart (that took some doing), brought in water from the garage for the fridge, made sure the outdoor spigots got covered... and I'm sure I'm missing stuff, but it would be along the same lines. Oh, and I also washed and dried my hair and fixed lunch.

Most of this was done while Marilyn was out and about to attend her PSSCA meeting (go her).

My above list doesn't count the IT stuff I ended up needing to do (!!!), which took plenty of my time, too.

So, Marilyn has finished reading "Innocent" (!!!) -- and I'm not even halfway through it! But I'll get there soon, I'm sure... (She rocks reading it that fast!!!)

Right now I'm longing for a soak in a hot tub, then a nap. We're talking about maybe going to the show tonight, but it's very much up in the air, so maybe not.

I did watch some tennis on TV today -- and part of "Angels & Demons" (a fave of mine -- makes me want to re-read both the script and book).

By the way, sister Sue seems to be doing okay so far -- just in case you're wondering!

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