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Good Sunday During Vaca...

Today was a good day.

I spent ages napping/sleeping, which is always a nice part of our average weekend (when not working, of course). I used to under-rate sleep, but I appreciate it a lot more these days. (grin)

I also have been reading a ton! I just finished "One Imperfect Christmas" yesterday (on my Kindle). I'm also reading "A Chance for Charity - The Immortal Ones" and just started Scott Turow's "Innocent" today (both also either on my Kindle, or in the Kindle App on my iPad). I love spending a lot of time just reading away.

Marilyn had me download "Innocent" (which was a $14.99 download for Kindle -- !!!), and is also reading it. We were both big fans of the original novel "Presumed Innocent" (and the movie, with Harrison Ford). The made-for-TV-movie of "Innocent" is playing on November 29, with Bill Pullman in the Rusty role.

They've been showing trailers for the next 'Mission Impossible' movie -- I can't wait for that! It comes out in December. Yes, both Marilyn and I have been MI fans since the original series on TV -- and we love the films. Plus, how cool is it that Jeremy Renner is in this one?

Right now we're watching the American Music Awards, with great performances. Gotta love the music!!!

As soon as I finish typing this blog entry, I'm off to read more.

And maybe play some games on my iPad, which is also a blast! (grin) We got Angry Birds Rio, which is darling. (I haven't gotten very far yet, though.) My Horse is seriously messed up since the latest update -- I hope they fix it soon! Very disappointing. I got Smelly Cat, which is also fun...

TV watching today included the reunion movie of "The Waltons" -- a Thanksgiving episode set in the year JFK was assassinated. And "The Walking Dead" tonight, which was a good episode. Next week is the series finale.

We're a week away from Advent. Wow, the year has flown by!

Anyway, a good Sunday.
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