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Sister Sue's Heart Procedure, "Breaking Dawn" and More...

Marilyn and I went to the midnight movie to see "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn," with sister Sue -- meeting up with friends (Carol and Rosanna -- Rosanna's a true Twihard). We loved the movie and had a great time! (It was POURING down rain yesterday and cold! So it was nice that they let us in before the movie, not making us wait outside. It was hard standing in the rain afterwards while Marilyn went for the car...)

We were home by 3:00 a.m. and did get around an hour or so of sleep before needing to get back up to take sister Sue to the hospital for her heart procedure. After getting her all set up, we went to the office and were there by 8:00 a.m. -- then we worked for two and a half hours. Um, yeah, it was supposed to be a day off, but that's how it goes! I did IT and Marilyn got several tasks finished up, so it's all good.

Then we cam home and I snoozed (and Marilyn had a short nap) before we needed to go back to the hospital again. Originally we didn't know if they'd keep Sue over or not. There had been talk of admitting her for three days worth of testing, but that didn't happen. The good news? Her heart is strong, in spite of the A-Fib issues. More about all of this soon, but happily we were able to take her home today. (She needs to take it easy this weekend, but should be cool for Thanksgiving week.)

Then we got food and came home and finally ate. Now we've been using our iPads and watching TV and just relaxing. I imagine we'll sleep more at some point, too...

Totally random 1: They're showing the Natalie Wood thing on TV right now. (Marilyn has always said that Robert Wagner killed her, by the way -- so it's no surprise to me to hear that it's probably true...)

I'm able to eat today and feeling much better -- so far so good! I hope I can keep it down and not have another bout of the runs (as I did yesterday). This has been a rough week for me, health-wise.

Thanks to all of you for your good thoughts about Sue (and your prayers) -- we all appreciate it so much!

Totally random 2: I'm so sorry about Ashton and Demi and the breakup.

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