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IT for the iPad? I Might Be a Genius...

Well, when it comes to IT for our festival iPads, I just might be a genius. (grin)

Okay, can you be a genius and not know it? Right. Probably not! Hahahahahaha. But here's the current chapter of this on-going story...

Last night Marilyn tells me that she saw Jeff using his iPad Calendar -- and that it contained stuff from his work Calendar (his Outlook calendar, in other words). He said Alex had set it up for him. And when Marilyn asked Alex about it, she said that I (!!!) had set it up. Okay!

Then I remember one day when I was there and had helped Alex set this up, and how I did it. So I grab my iPad and start going through all of the settings to do this. It not only lets you set up the Calendar, but you add the work Inbox to the Mail function and can add Contacts from work, too. Pretty slick!

So I did this for both of our iPads. (There's this whole aspect that has to do Passcodes, but I worked that out, too -- and it's too complicated to go into right now.)

Why is this so amazing?

Because now we can see our Calendars for work wherever we are on our iPads. Plus we can add to our Calendars -- including INVITING others to these newly added events! (I even refused an event from Rich -- a test -- just to prove I could.)

We can also easily see what's sent to our Inbox at work and access our work Contacts, also pretty darn cool. Now our Mail function allows us to have both Yahoo (or other web-based emails) AND our work (Outlook) email at the same time -- pretty incredible!

This, once again, makes our iPads actual tools for work, rather than fancy tech toys. So that's a good thing!

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