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More Social Media? Yes, Indeed!

Today a friend asked me how many 'hours' I put in daily for Social Media. I laughed and said, "I don't have hours to give just to Social Media -- you know that." I may have been laughing and my tone may have been jovial, but I wasn't kidding. I only have a certain amount of free time for these things -- so I try to get the biggest bang I can out of every minute spent...

Anyway, we've got a new Social Media service we're using that's entirely related to work. I started my account there two days ago and am now on Level 11 -- higher than other Staff members who have been there longer (by weeks).


Frankly, because I'm good at this stuff. That's why I have 1,300+ Friends at Facebook, 1,300+ Followers at Twitter and am able to blog almost daily here at LiveJournal (plus interact with both individual friends and communities). Look, I know how that sounds -- but I'm not trying to be a puffed up bitch. I'm just saying that I get how this stuff works. I'm always ready to show others how to do it, by the way -- I'm not keeping my methods to myself (or trying to sell them). There are ways to do this and it's not magic by any means. Of course, there is work involved. But it doesn't have to take a ton of time (because who has the time to spare???).

One of my 'Challenges' at this new service (it has challenges that you attempt and report on) is to Journal in some form -- a pretty easy one for me, really, right? So hopefully this will encourage me to be back to blogging daily here -- and maybe even to blog more than once a day. It couldn't hurt! Plus my blog entries are a plus at that site, so it goes both ways...

I wasn't sure how I felt about this new service initially, but now that I get it and have used it for a couple of days, I think it can be a piece of cake. We just need to get in the habit of using it... Hopefully our whole Staff will join in -- and it could be a positive method of interaction!

Anyway, I'm still not feeling great, but I was hear this morning for my meeting with the guys from the City. The plan for cooling the IT Room appears to be MAJOR -- and will require work on my part to make it happen (surprise).

In the meantime, we've postponed the installation of our new Server, which was set to happen next week (over Thanksgiving weekend). It probably going to have to happen in December now. Kris was unsure about when, and I understand his disappointment that we weren't finally getting this task taken care of... (sigh)

Marilyn and I had a meeting with Rosanna to discuss an actual 'Plan' for using Donn and Denise to help with IT Projects. We need to figure out a budget, because the money goes fast otherwise...

Donn drilled one hole at the front desk (Receptionist computer) -- that I've been wanting/needing FOREVER for computer cords. In my not-so-humble opinion, these should have been drilled before we came in to this building, but here we are a year and a half later and I'm getting it done myself. Typical.

They gave me too few such holes and the ones there are way, way too small! This means packing far too many cords into what's there -- and equipment being 'stuck' in certain positions because we can't move it due to limitations! So annoying. However, this is a TIME CONSUMING job, I'm afraid, so we'll probably have to limit how many such holes we drill. (sigh)

Donn, Denise and I met and discussed what was talked about in the meeting with Marilyn and Rosanna. I'd quickly written down a list that I've since typed up and sent to Donn -- he's going to review and tweak it. At some point we'll have a meeting with all five of us to set up a plan for the future that will get things done, and maintain the budget so we don't run out of IT $$$.

I also spoke by phone with Kris (as I sort of mentioned above) and discussed the future plans for our Server and for Backups. He's going to get back to me.

And Rich and I sat and discussed our iPads a little bit -- and I showed him some of the tricks I've learned.

So, that's my day (though I didn't mention dashing out to Starbucks briefly) so far. I'm thinking I'll stay home tomorrow -- and we're taking Friday off. Sue has her procedure on Friday -- and of course tomorrow night is Breaking Dawn (woo hoo). It looks like we might not get to sleep between the movie and the procedure, but that's okay. We can always catch a nap during the day on Friday...

No, we don't know what the plan is for Sue staying in the hospital at this point. She might be going in for three days starting Friday, but they haven't confirmed it (and apparently won't until that day!!!). Thoughts and prayers for Sue continue to be appreciated, thanks!

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