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Modertion Duties... ???

Any of you ever see my 'ADMIN Please Read' icon? I'm sharing it here, so now you can! (grin)

Over the years, I've been involved in helping moderate a lot of various communities here at LiveJournal. Sometimes I've been very, very active -- other times I've barely been involved. I have a lot of experience and a fairly cool head (most times), which I think has been helpful on several occasions.

Of course, as work got busier and busier, my free time got to be less and less. Something had to give, and moderation work was one of those things. It's disappointing, because I love to help people!

I guess my desire to help others should be pretty clear, seeing as it actually defines my life. I don't think about it daily, because often my life seems no different from others. But though I'm defined (by my personal request) as 'Staff' at our office, I'm a volunteer. This means I work at an important and time-consuming job without being paid. If I didn't like helping people then I suspect I wouldn't be doing this...

This morning I got a notification for a community I moderate. I went to the post in question and discovered there had been TONS of replies to my comment -- but naturally I never saw any of them until now! These were people frustrated by the bugs here at LJ, and I can certainly relate -- starting with the fact that I couldn't respond previously, because I didn't know there was anything to respond to (thanks, LiveJournal).

In a perfect world I'd be so active with moderation that I'd be able to help with this frustration -- so at least others would feel less ready to rant than I always am. Hahahahahaha. But, of course, we don't live in a perfect world...

I wanted to do NaNoWriMo this year -- and work on one of my (many) unfinished novels. I love to write and just never do enough of it. But there are only so many hours in a day, after all...

Maybe I'll try and add back in some moderation work again. I guess that could be a goal, anyway. I feel good when I do it. Just like I've always felt good when I made and shared icons here! I haven't done much of that in recent years, either...

Mostly, I just need to get back to blogging again! There's no doubt I won't be moderating at LJ if I'm not even HERE to begin with! (smile)

Tags: busy, livejournal, livejournal-notifications, lj-for-dummies, moderation, nanowrimo, volunteering, work

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