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Not Feeling Well Today...

I'm not feeling well today. I did take anti-nausea meds, but even that didn't help.

I should mention that I'm using my iPad to post this. Actually, I probably should always make a point of that. It's amazing how often I use my iPad for things online, really. They're soooo very convenient! It really beats dragging a laptop around. And it means I don't have to sit up to my desktop computer when I'm feeling like crap (like today, for example).

But I am still getting used the whole typing-with-one-finger thing. I find it doesn't work for me to use the keyboard normally. It's too small for my big hands/fingers. Plus the cut and paste thing is quite different, but I am starting to get it...

We're about to have peppermint ice cream before bed, which should sit okay (I hope!!!). And that's it for today! Planning to stay home from work tomorrow...

Tags: 2011, november-2011

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