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Where is Charlie? Good Question!!!

So, my goal was to blog every day in November and get right back to it. Today is November 10, and I haven't written once this month. Really, Charlie???

I do plan to go back and do a post for every single day, though. There's too much going on that I want to record for myself (if no one else). So... Maybe this weekend! I'm crazy here right now!

Marilyn and I have been 'under the weather' -- that's been one problem. Being sick means playing catch-up at work (and in life in general, too). Rushed Henry to the vet (it costs $68 versus $52 for an appointment if you need a rush visit... sigh...) today. Looks like he's fine, though, thank heaven! And sister Sue? Not doing well. She needs another hospital stay for a procedure (three days, they hope). And she got dizzy at the store today and had granddaughter Nicole (who was there) upset and daughter Candy (who was at work) beside herself! I had to phone Candy and calm her down -- it's always hard when you're worried about someone and can't be there with them. (sigh)

My sore throat is driving me crazy. My feet are cold (even in socks and shoes). I'm swamped with work, but need to go do the garbage and recycling -- well, SANS garbage this week! By the way, it was a topic at lunch yesterday (no, it was not me bringing it up!), and again I found an angry and unhappy person discussing it. So, Mr. Mayor, I've yet to talk directly to a supporter of the change. I know I'm over the top opposed, but I'm far from the only one!

I have BOTH Donn and Kris coming in tomorrow to the office, so it should be (another) crazy IT day at work! Yesterday was WILD. I really do need to try and share when I have time!

I never seem to find time to even read here (much less comment) at the current time. I've certainly been 'away' from LiveJournal in the past (years ago, mostly), but it's weird not to be here all the time now! I mean, I went for months and months and months without missing a single DAY -- and now this! I don't know why it's happening, but I do plan to turn it around.

I miss you guys!!!

Life is good, even if it is busy! I can't believe the year is winding down. 2011 has been amazing!!!

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