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Where Did My Week Go?

Where did my week go? Good question!

Actually, I wasn't feeling that hot this week -- which is back to the whole seasonal allergies and vertigo thing, I guess. (sigh) But in spite of that, I did get a lot of stuff done -- but it was all here at home. (I never did get to the office this week.)

Tonight I'm feeling the iPad love, as I happily added some TV episodes that I was excited to have! But much of the week I've been in iPad Hell (!!!), dealing with constant issues and the learning curve. (big sigh)

AN ANNOYED ASIDE: I don't know when it happened, but at some point LiveJournal (yet again) changed the 'Post an Entry' area. The font is ONCE AGAIN really small -- which is fine if you're young with great eyesight. But guess what, LJ? Many of us need a somewhat larger and darker font. (Like the recent suggestion to make the background drop-down color for selecting tags darker and easier to see, perhaps? But I digress...) I hate constantly bitching about LJ, but this makes my life harder -- and I don't need harder, thanks.


I've had my brand new iPad freeze up (Safari issues) already -- so I now know the 'fix' for that. I've also had iTunes fail to 'see' either Marilyn's iPad or mine -- so I now know how to 'fix' that, as well. As you can probably tell, good old Apple has continued their stellar rep for bugs -- no, let's NOT revisit all our iPod issues, thanks.

Don't bother defending Apple to me, by the way -- I am not a fan. Many of my current iPad annoyances are directly related to the Apple/MAC thing. It was annoying to have to tell my boss Jeff that he couldn't do what he wanted with his new iPad because it was basically a MAC, with MAC constraints. But oh well.

These iPads were given to all of the members of our Staff, by the festival -- they are engraved on the back with two lines of text: The festival name ...and... 2011 Grand Pinnacle Award Winner

That's a nice gift that I very much appreciate, believe me!

On the other hand, because I'm the IT Manager, it is more work for me. And having to previous experience with iPads (nor iPad-like devices -- my iPods aren't standard), there's been some learning curve, believe me! I'm pretty quick with this stuff, happily, so it's going okay. And I know how to do my research, so I've been able to give advice from the get-go to other Staff members, which is what I need to be able to do.

Say, do you like my new iPad icon??? I had to take a photo of my own to use to make it, because I couldn't find one that had the 'rose' wallpaper -- and that's what I'm (obviously) using on mine... Honestly, I do feel the iPad love! But that doesn't mean I won't be sharing all the iPad gripes as they come up, believe me.

Kris needs to buy one and learn how to use it, too -- and he's less than happy about it. (Of course, as he doesn't really want one, I can understand how annoying it is to be forced into it on his own dime...) Happily, I should be able to share a lot of my research with him, as well as the 'fixes' I've already learned ( been forced to learn, that is!).

I just looked at the time (heading toward midnight) and realized I need to wrap this up. Marilyn and I have an early morning tomorrow, so we need to get to bed soon. Shocking, huh? (grin) Not like us on a weekend, as a rule!

Speaking of Marilyn, she had yet another brutal work-week, late at the office every single day. It really doesn't seem fair to me. As she often says, because of her workload, she could be there 24/7. I don't understand why that should be true for HER, but no one else! Can you say UNFAIR? That's my opinion, anyway...

Sister Sue is still having health issues with her heart. They need to do another procedure to determine what to do next. Good thoughts and prayers are (as always) appreciated! She did attend a one-day cribbage tournament today, though. But she's not getting around very well right now (constantly short of breath).

I know I'm forgetting to share a ton of stuff, but my mind is a blur. Sorry!

Oh! Here's an interesting note: They're changing our garbage day from Thursday to Friday (!!!). That means garbage night for us will now be Thursday night.

I'm actually dismayed by the change. When we lived at home (with Mom and Dad), garbage night was always Wednesday night. Then when we moved out to our first home (Marilyn and me), garbage night was Wednesday night. And when we moved to this house, it continued to be Wednesday night! In other words, we've ALWAYS had the same garbage schedule until NOW. What a shock. We're both disappointed by this news.

And I'll need a whole entry to rant about the other change -- only having garbage pick-up every other week (!!!). We now have 'slop' buckets that sit on our counter near the sink. Ugly, brown plastic things. And we're soon getting rolling compost carts to go with them. These get picked up weekly -- along with our recycling roll carts. You put all food in the compost bucket -- then transfer it to the compost cart until pick-up day.

Um... the slop bucket (which is what I suspect I'll always call it) doesn't close easily, nor well. Which means we have sweet flies all over the place -- plus odor! We don't have the new compost roll cart yet, so I don't have anywhere to dump the contents of the bucket. (Tomorrow I'll get out a plastic bag and dump the stuff in there -- then seal it tight and put it inside ANOTHER plastic bag before putting it in the normal garbage can. I can only imagine how I'll be gagging from the smell when I have to rinse out the bucket when I'm done...)

Supposedly most people who were the test cases for these changes are embracing it and happy about it. Me? I think we should have been allowed to VOTE on whether we wanted to do this or not!!!

More about this soon. Bedtime!

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