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Feeling Not-So-Hot Today...

I'm not feeling that well right now -- but hoping I WON'T be full-out sick for tomorrow. There doesn't seem to be much chance of me entirely avoiding my seasonal allergies that plague me every year. Going back in this blog and reading October of last year alone gives me clear insight into what this time of year does to me...

Frankly, when I look at last year, I see how much BETTER I've been doing in 2011! So I won't complain that I've taken a turn for the worse today.

Marilyn is working miracles with the PowerPoint presentation for the Auction appeal -- I really can't wait to see how it's turned out! I saw some of it last night when we went down to the office around midnight (!!!) -- but I'm so excited to see the full thing.

Okay, it's now 10:30. Time flies! I started this entry HOURS ago -- but couldn't finish up.

I did get my hair colored for tomorrow, happily. I need to go find my pants for tomorrow night, though!!!

Marilyn didn't get home until around 9:00 p.m. I guess I should be glad it wasn't much later (like the rest of this week). And she came home with the PowerPoint DONE -- which is amazing! We usually have to pull a late night session (or even an all night session) to finish up. And considering how late we were starting on this, it really flew together! Of course, she's damn talented at these, there's no doubt. (Which is why we won a Pinnacle award for one last year, by the way.)

I wanted to mention something about my current Kindle book, but it will keep. I feel lousy and am tired and ready for a nap (Marilyn is snoozing on the sofa as I type this).

Keep your fingers crossed for us for tomorrow! Hopefully things will go smoothly all day long -- and we'll have a GREAT Auction (no matter what). Yeah, our ticket and table sales are down -- and we're missing many of our major buyers from past years. But we can't always receive a happy surprise, after all.

And even if it's not a financial success, it can be a successful event -- because we all know how to do events better than anyone in the world. (Which is why we're the best festival in the world for 2011!!!)

On that note, I think I'll go dry my hair and head to bed...

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