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Busy Day at Work -- Donn and Denise

This was Donn's first real work day at the office. He and Denise arrived around 10:00 a.m. and were there until 3:00 p.m. (She was helping him out, as he's in a cast and can only use one hand. She's often helped him out with computer work in the past, by the way.)

We got a lot done. The most important thing was resolving some of the QuickBook issues! Donn contacted Intuit and actually got an upgrade from QB Premiere 2011 to QB Premiere 2012 -- and we finally got uncorrupted downloads! (woo hoo)

So we were able to install it on all the computers Rosanna had said needed it, including: Rosanna's, Pattye's and Carol's -- plus the two computers at the front desk (five total).

We still need to do the actual SETUP of the new QuickBooks, which I hope will happen on Tuesday. I emailed Kris about all of this, hoping to hear back from him -- but so far, no go. I'd like to have him do the setup, but if he won't, then I guess Donn and I will have to do it...

Donn and Denise also got Rosanna's dual monitors set up on her NEW machine. Donn fixed the cursor issue (!!!) on Carol's machine and swapped out her old monitors for brand new ones. Then they set up dual monitors on Laura's computer. And swapped out one of Rich's monitors for a different one. Donn and Denise also got the dual monitors set up on Ashley's NEW computer -- but I need to do a lot of work on that machine before it will be ready for her to use it. (Currently it's in the spot where Mark had all the film computer equipment for so long...)

I put monitors in place for two of the Intern stations and have other monitors in place to swap out next week. I also ordered and downloaded UltraMon (the most AMAZING software for controlling dual monitors) -- and got it set up on three computers.

I did a lot of IT work today -- and was up and downstairs dozens of times. (No, I'm not kidding!) I had a cheese danish in the morning with Starbucks -- and an apple later in the day. Marilyn, however, didn't have a bite to eat all day long! And we BOTH worked from 8:30 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. (getting home at 9:00) without a single break. When I got home I suddenly realized I'd never even been to the bathroom all day long!

I made us a nice dinner that we ate around 9:45 -- and we both were really hungry by then, as you can imagine.

Marilyn's day was busier than mine -- I don't envy her workload at all!

I did feel I got a lot done today, anyway -- with loads more to do next week, it appears. Donn and Denise will be back on Tuesday, when I'm hopeful we'll finish the dual monitor setups -- and finish up with QuickBooks, too.

I think it's pretty odd that I haven't heard back from Kris today (I emailed him twice). I feel bad that we seem to have lost our connection...

Well, I'm dead beat -- and Marilyn is already snoozing away on the family room sofa. I think I'll head for a nap!

It was wonderful to work with Donn (and Denise) today, I must say. I look forward to working with them more in the future!

Oh! I talked to my friend Shari today, who phoned me at work. And sister Sue finally called and talked to Marilyn (from Reno). She's having a good time, I'm happy to report!

Today was the Golf Tournament, and I heard it went well (but Carol didn't seem to feel it made the $$$ we'd been hoping for...). I guess we'll see when it's all figured out.

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