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Thursday -- Finally Got Laundry Room Unit Together!

I finally managed to finish putting together the unit Marilyn and I bought to go in the laundry room today! (woo hoo)

We had a missing part (!!!) when we got it home, so we assembled it most of the way sans said part -- which actually turned out to be a very BAD idea. (sigh) The most difficult thing was getting it apart to add the missing piece -- it just didn't want to come apart, no matter what I did. I finally managed it, but broke a piece in the attempt. Happily it wasn't a bad break and was 'fixed' with duct tape (good old duct tape). Then I finished re-assembling it -- and added the parts we hadn't bothered with, including the door handles and shelves.

It's now back in the laundry room and in use, which is fabulous!

For other 'at home' work, I cleaned out the curio cabinet in the living room and got rid of several items (to make room for other things). I tidied quite a bit in the kitchen (including doing two loads of dishes). I tidied in a bit in the living room, too. And I spent AGES organizing in the laundry room, which is also where we store many things -- so it's full of stuff.

That's where we had the main flooding back in June, by the way -- so it was little wonder we lost so many things, considered we store so much there. The main thing I learned? Don't store things on the floor! Make sure they're up on something in the event of flooding... Happily, many things were up high enough to protect them!

Anyway, I lifted a lot of heavy things today and I'm dead beat...

I did do some website things and work on auction donations and some other work-related things, too, by the way...

I fixed burgers for dinner and we had blueberries on ice cream for dessert. Marilyn worked late (surprise) and I worked until she got home, so we're both ready for a well-earned nap.

Marilyn was home sick both Tuesday and Wednesday -- some kind of intestinal bug. She wasn't 100% today, but had meetings she couldn't miss, so went in like the trooper she is.

Tomorrow's another busy day -- and I have Donn coming in. So I guess I'll close for now.

Sister Sue is in Reno at her cribbage tournament. We haven't heard from her (???), but I hope she's having a GREAT time (and feeling fabulous).

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