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RHSAA Website, Homecoming Banquet and Festival Website Budget

Sister Sue and I made it to the Homecoming Banquet before 5:00, which is when the 'Social Hour' took place. At Mike's request I hauled along a laptop and stand to set up -- he wanted to have the website 'on display' tonight.

What a waste of my time and effort. We had no WiFi, and though Eric from Embassy Suites (nice guy) tried to help me with that, we never did get access. So obviously I couldn't do more than hover over my laptop several times.

The banquet was fine. Mike certainly got a good turn out. Unfortunately, we were seated at one of the tables for my graduating class. I was never really friends with anyone but a very few people from my own class, and obviously neither Sue nor Marilyn knew any of them. I think sitting at Marilyn or Sue's years would have been a better choice, but it's over and done with now. So whatever.

The highlight of the evening was a Living History character! They had Teddy Roosevelt there, and he was AMAZING! Bully! I loved him to pieces. By the way, the dinner was really pretty good, and often these dinners are pretty bad.

Marilyn had to join us late, coming from a meeting she couldn't get out of. She was pretty tired by the time she arrived, after a very long and difficult day (coming on top of yesterday, which was a brutal and long day for her). We left early and were glad to get home...

And thank heaven Sue had cash! Neither Marilyn nor I did, and it was a paid bar (with no beverages provided with dinner except water). Sue saved the day, that's for sure!!!

As far as I know I totally wasted my effort to rush and get the RHSAA website ready before tonight. I was up until 3:00 a.m. last night with it. I worked really hard all day yesterday on it, too -- and several hours today. And I've put in countless hours of other days recently.

I never would have spent so much time on it this week if I'd realized it really wasn't necessary. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that Mike never even mentioned it at all tonight. (He certainly hadn't before we left.) I'm trying not to be bitter about this, really. But I don't get why I was pushed so hard to have it ready NOW. I could certainly go several weeks without looking at it now, believe me. I'm a bit sick of it...

Speaking of websites, I just read the following about the festival website: "The current Rose Festival website, originally designed in 2006, is nearing the end if its "life cycle"..."

Really? It might have been designed in 2006, but I did a major re-design in 2007. Plus I've done some huge overhauls to the site, including a recent one that was pretty extensive.

I suppose I should be pleased to hear that there's a plan to put some money into the website (we spend very little on annually). I wish I understood what is meant by this: "Estimated cost to begin migration of site to WordPress, which would allow copy/content editing by those other than Webmaster..."

I'm not sure who is doing the migration to WordPress (clearly they'll be paid the amount that was listed for this budget item), or whether the plan is to use the existing design or toss it all out. I don't know if this means I'll be ending my role as webmaster, or not, based on these changes. The email with the budget-related notes came as a total surprise to me -- and I missed the phone call regarding it (which happened while I was gone to the Banquet).

Well, I've known that sooner or later I wouldn't be doing the website any more. I almost gave it up in the past. Lots of what I've done there in the past year was to make it easier for me to manage, and I think I accomplished that quite well, but the site is more than 500 pages, so I won't pretend it's not a lot of work -- it certainly is. I think I do things there in a fairly timely fashion, but it's hard to know how others feel about that...

I'm really tired, so I'm headed for a nap. I tried to take a nap today was awakened by our yard crew, who are supposed to come on Wednesdays, and not on Thursday. (Thanks, guys.) I flipped out when I tried to phone Sandy and got her answering machine. I'm sure the message was over-the-top bitchy, but I was angry. After our flooding we let the yard go this year. We didn't do any planting and we did even water the back yard. But I recently saw the bills for July and August and discovered they did a FULL SERVICE for both months -- something we've never had them do in all the years they've worked for us!

What the HELL where they mowing? The grass has been dead forever -- there's nothing there. And you should see how AWFUL it looks! Especially in the front of the house. I don't even know what DAY the guys are going to show up -- and today they wake me from the nap I really needed. It's little wonder we're starting to think about getting a new service. I love Hector and Sandy, but not their crew. And we haven't been happy with the work for the last couple of years. Plus they're not inexpensive by any means. So... (sigh) I hate looking for someone else. And I'd miss them. But today was that straw, I think -- you know the one.

I had a headache then and I've got a doozy now, too. I'm just glad this work week is almost over. We have Festival Japan on Saturday and a funeral on Sunday. Plus a busy day tomorrow. So that's it for today -- I'm done. Stick a fork in me.

Night all!

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